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Help me with trading and crafting .

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I'm kinda new and i bought an australium paint so now im premium . Recently I got a description tag drop and found a buyer for 2.33 ref ( I think I learned the crafting by now . correct me if I'm wrong .2 weapons ->1 scrap -> 2 scrap - >1  reclaimed -> 3 reclaimed ->1 refined) What should i do with these ? 

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2 weapons 1 scrap, 3 scrap 1 reclaimed, 3 reclaimed - 1 refined , those are metals wich are used for crafting, would say its more useful if you'd trade those for items instead since theres no point of crafting unless you need a weapon badly) You never profit trough crafting if you aren't that one lucky guy who gets a 100% on everything.


- I don't want to sound rude, just wanted to say that

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