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What is the best deal you have ever got from a Scrap.tf bot?

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Hell if I remember, I know I got a bunch of cheap stranges at first. I miss having 8 strange baby face's blasters and 4 strange Force A Natures.


And of course, I always manged to ninja my way to getting a Kringle Collection or Antartic Parka at times. Yesterday I almost had Graybanns, but the site was slow for me.

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I have actually made myself a list of interesting things I have collected from the hatbots for 1.33 ref:


-Strange Blood Banker
-Strange Boston Boom-Bringer
-Level 3 Chin
-Triggerman's Tacticals x2
-Haunted Crone's Dome
-Black El Jefe
-Genuine Quadwrangler
-Law x2
-Merc's Mohawk
-Graybanns x2
-Lunatic's Leathers
-Vintage Officer's Ushanka
-Vintage Heavy Duty Rag
-Vintage Ze Goggles
-Angel of Death
-Gold Backwards Ballcap
-Killer Exclusive 
-Brawling Buccaneer, etc, etc, etc...
Plus a bunch more I probably forgot about. I fancy myself one lucky mofo. Although I did just try to pick up a Merc's Mohawk and found out it was banking for 5.33 ref instead, and I now worry these days are no more...
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My Strange Prof. KS Amputator, I now have it renamed and use it all the time in my medic loadout, it felt like an unusual when I found it.

I also found 2 vintages in weapon bot, a strange, also 1 or 2 painted hats in the hat bot.

But then again I'm one of those people that everyone probably hates because I spent all day finding stuff and scrolling through bots.


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