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Will there ever be a strange Vita-Saw?

Old Taco

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strange rocket jumper would be possible to exist (how many rockets shot/jumped with) although its a highly unlikely chance it would.

what i would like to exist is rather than having rare weapon uncrateables IE the strange awper hand, there should also be a preposterously rare chance at getting an awper hand strangifier, get what i'm saying?

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It seems like it'd barely get any kills though, I'd assume most medics would just use it so when they die they can save some time on uber, Similar to the charg'n'targe and how that's mainly just used for it's upsides and not for charging.

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14 minutes ago, Sgt. Medic the Med.Sni.Spy Main said:

Most likely not because it looks too much like the ADAM Harvester from the Bioshock series. Because of copyright reasons Valve cannot sell the Vita-saw. This includes stranges.


A strangifier would be just fine though.


On 21/10/2015, 00:29:26, otaku gamer said:

Which doesn't make sense since collector's and killstreaks can be sold.


Valve cant make money directly off the item most likely. Since killstreaks and chemistry sets are separate items theyre fair game.

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