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Jane Talha

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Remember: You can still be a decent person even when the fandom is toxic as hell. Personally, I find the Brony subculture to be hypocritical at best by saying "Love and Tolerance" and then forcing their agenda down everyone's throats, but I've met plenty of people who call themselves Bronies who are very nice and pleasant, even if I admit to them that I don't care for My Little Pony. Remember also that the opposite is true: I'd say the TF2 community is overall pretty chill, but there are some real stinkers in the mix.

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Bronies, ponies, whatever they be. I agree with Shiny Substitue. Most of the fandom that I have met are just terrible. From hypocrits, to drama-queens, or my personal favorite..a specific one who considered me a terrible person because "I didn't do enough to help" them when I had just met them..and they had refused my help in the first place. This being said...this is what everyone sees. The bad part of the fandom, and sadly, a bit of a majority. I've met plenty of good ones too, Sandwhip, Dia, and many more. It's the same boat as furries. Everyone sees the disgusting stupid stuff and pins it on all of us, when some of us are outcasts from that part of the fandom's society for not following said stereotypes.

Moral of the story: Don't judge someone because of what they like.   ;)

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I can concur the fandom is not the best...too many bad experiences like...all those RP sex minor aged people tried to have...erggg...but even then, people shouldn't hate somethibg for the fandom because all fandoms are terrible.


What I DO say is that putting pony stuff on a TF2 site is a bit....unrelated, thus sort of pointless. It's like if backpack.tf had..Invader Zim characters on it.

I know  some mods like FiM but...still, for  a TF2 or at least Valve/Steam page, ponies seem reallyyyyy unrelated. That's what I dislike of it, not for the fandom per se.

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