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Steam Winter Sale 2015


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Well crate series #100 is coming up so maybe.

Crate #100 you say? I can only imagine what wonders will be in the Centennial Crate.

Five re-released low-value Stranges, a new color of paint and a 1/100 chance at a Strange Sandvich, calling it now

We're most likely getting stockings again this year, which means that the dreaded flood of Mann Up Newbies will take place once more. Naughty crates are naughty crates; I'm hoping this will be the year we get a Festive Gunslinger, but I'm not holding my breath. Nice Crates, though, are going to do the BS tier system, with the funny/cool cosmetic everyone wants being Elite Tier and thus costing $25+ on the SCM.

Oh, and a discount on white paint. Because winter has snow, and snow is white.

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