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Best Wep In Tf2


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Until you're very familiar with the game, Stock is the best choice. It keeps the mechanics very simple, and is the basis for most other weapons' stats and derivations. There are, for the most part, no 'upgrades' or 'downgrades' - the stock weapons are the most widely-useful, but will lose out in certain scenarios compared to other weapons. This is good, as it means that the other weapons are sidegrades, situationally better but overall equal to Stock weapons (for the most part). Once you're comfortable wit the gameplay of the stock classes, you can move onto trying out different weapons, then trying out different combinations.


Also, you won't really find any "pros" here, this is the scrap.tf forum, so most users are scrap.tf users, of which people who play the game for money are unlikely to be a part.

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