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New(?) idea for no reason..

Andrea .

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So, here's the idea, even though it may sound weird.. Go to this site , make your most wanted loadout for ONE class, then once you are finished, post it here either as a regular image, or a gif, but here's one thing that must be done to be accepted here, make sure it's compatible.. Oh, and you don't have to say what you have on it unless you want to. You can make anything possible.. Here is mine..

x9ht7x.pngNow nicknamed: Slouch, crouch, make enemies say ouch..

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My dream loadout:



Shown loadout: Australium Shotgun, Big Mann on Campus painted After Eight, suede styled Digit Divulgers also painted After Eight, Breakneck Baggies painted Team Spirit. Effects are Stormy Storm and Phosphorous for unusuals, and Manndarin Fire Horns for the killstreak. Unshown weapons are Mad Milk and Wrap Assassin. (Yes, the wrap assassin... Don't judge me... ;-;)

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My loadout wasn't even physically possible. I have two unusual effects, but none of the cosmetics used have unusual forms (at least not yet). I guess I should probably post a realistic one:




I got rid of the Phosphorous effect and Digit Divulgers, and added an Old School styled Unusual Troublemaker's Tossle Cap painted After Eight with the Stormy Storm unusual effect. This one actually works, and I already have two of the cosmetics (although unpainted). :3

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