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Scrap.TF Changelog

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In this thread we will keep you up to date on new features or changes that could interest you.

Most of these features will be accessible a few days (sometimes weeks) earlier on http://dev.scrap.tf - our testing server where we test things before they go out in the wild.

You are invited to subscribe to this thread to be the first to know.

If you want to give constructive feedback or bug reports on new updates, feel free to do so! Please look if there is already a thread for it, and if not, create one yourself, we will do our best to please most of our users with the changes we made.

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Sticky header on banking pages


After a lot of pain and suffering, this new GUI feature should be fully polished now!


Previously, you had to scroll trough a mile long bot inventory full of stuff, select some items from the middle and then scroll all the way up again to reach the trade buttons! :(


Now, you still have to scroll trough a mile long bot inventory full of stuff, but you no longer need to expose your scroll finger to unnecessary strain from scrolling all the way up or down to click the trade now button! :D




You can customize the sticky header, which by default is activated and also contains the bot menu. (Please note: If your window or device screen is too small, the bot menu will be automatically hidden)


Don't like the new sticky header? You can always enable/disable it with this little pin/unpin button:




Just dont want the bot selection to be in your way? No problem, you can hide the botlist from the sticky header! Just scroll down a bit until the header becomes sticky and then click the eye icon to hide the list in sticky mode (it will still appear when you scroll back up!).




You want to see the bot list again in the sticky header? As you wish! If you have hidden the bot list, you can re-enable it in the sticky header by clicking the eye icon when you are on the top of the page (header is not pinned).


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"Hide Items I Have"-Filter now also hides untradeable/uncraftable weapons from the bot inventory if you own them already.


Until now, the "hide Items I have" filter was not as useful as it should have been, since untradeable and uncraftable weapons were not recognized. Not anymore!


To enable this filter, you first have to toggle the Filter panel by clicking this icon:




Now you can check the option "Hide Items I have"



Attention: If you cannot click the checkbox it means that the website was unable to load your backpack contents from Steam in the first try. To save resources we will not automatically retry fetching your backpack, so you unfortunately need to reload the page in this case.


It might also be possible that your untradeable weapons won't be detected, this depends on which method the website currently uses to get your backpack contents (depending on Steam service availability).

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  • 3 weeks later...

Completely rewritten the class and slot filters, they should be much faster now and should not lock up your browser anymore.


Also, thanks to Geel you can now do a fulltext search on banking pages (it will match the item's title and the text in it's infobox that shows on hover), so you can, for example, search for certain levels by typing "Level: 42" into the filter box.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Free2Play users are now shown a notice and their trade-restricted items are no longer selectable.




Only had a crate storage F2P to test, but as you can see on the left side, the noise maker is no longer shown. (F2Ps are not allowed to trade it away, but premiums can trade it away. The crates were traded to the F2P alt from my main and are therefore tradeable for F2Ps)


The big issue with this is, that the Steam WebAPI does not mark F2P-untradeable items as not tradeable. The F2P restriction only applies on steamcommunity.com - so I had to use an alternate method to load backpacks for free2play people... unfortunately this other method doesnt provide all the item information the webAPI would provide, but they have to deal with it. I doubt F2Ps will have such valuable items where this extra information actually matters... and after all they can just double check their trade offers before accepting them, a sane thing everyone should do with every trade offer anyways.


Hopefully, free2play users will be less confused now and stop getting frustrated by the "A problem occured, this is a problem on steams side" error.

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  • 2 weeks later...

More compact user nav menu.


Nothing fancy or big at all, just removed the Username from the nav to make more space for the item search bar (it is overseen by users a lot!).





Also, this:




If you ask yourself: "Why is this even necessary, I know what I am doing!" Just look at the refunds section. -_-



Revamped Key Banking Page


Just made keybanking a bit more accessible by revamping the layout/design of it.

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  • 2 months later...
  • Due to the recent influx of complaints/confusion about bot errors for trivial reasons that were mostly covered in the rules, users will now be automatically redirected to the trade-offer help center page if they encounter a red trade offer error modal on scrap.tf.


  • A notice, like already shown on the item banking sell pages, will be added to the pages where you sell emoticons, steam gifts or killstreak kits. This should hopefully clear things up and cause less confusion.




The Update has been committed to http://dev.scrap.tf and will be live in the next few days.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Added important information and indicators to the user's site-inventory for auctions.

Geel "inattentively" forgot to add this important indicators, even after feedback of possible problems on withdrawing that arose from this missing information.




So it took us a long time to figure out what was actually the problem, since Geel was not contactable since he released auctions into the wild.

Many people complained about lost items after canceling a trade offer, or another error related to the trade offer (another "oversight" from geel).


And again, many people declined the trade offer on purpose, because the trade offer did not contain all selected items for withdrawal. (would have been more helpful to figure out the actual cause if most of them didnt claim they "accidentally" declined the trade offer)


The disappearing items after a withdrawal will now re-appear after about 10 - 30 minutes. I had to add a cronjob for this task, since Geels bots do NOT automatically update any stale item records in the database, as opposed to him claiming they actually do (they do, but only for deposits!).

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  • 2 months later...

Minor improvements for banking/item-selection screens.

  • In reverse Hat banking, the useless slot filters have been replaced with "price category" filters. You can toggle between default craft hats, uncraftable hats and expensive hats (all hats that are sold for more than the normal craft hat price)
  • Gifted Items now have a red inner shadow instead of a red background, so they shouldn't be confused with killstreaks anymore.



Edited by ScrapTF | Bat-Country
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More accurate Steam status indicator.

The "Steam online/offline" indicator at the home page is now more accurate and should indicate more often than before if there might be Steam related trouble that affects trading on Scrap.TF.... If Steam is having trouble "Steam offline", then hover over the text to see a detailed explanation of the problems. Clicking on the link will bring you to steamgaug.es, as usual, there you can see Steam's status live and in detail. So you know when you can try again.

Right now with the Summer Sale heres a perfect example of the status indicator in full action mode:


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  • 3 months later...
  • Developer

I'm going to be updating this thread now every time we move changes over to the main site.

  • Fixed multiple choice polls just saying "Array" for every choice.
  • Item boxes with secondary icons (such as gifs and fabricators) will now show their small icon in the bottom right.
  • Removed "next contract" from the user menu.
  • Added a link to AutoBuy Weapons on the weapon banking page.
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  • Developer
  • Fixed top level polls button linking to a missing page.
  • Fixed padding around raffle comment box.
  • Fixed being unable to delete raffle comments.
  • Removed the top raffler and top tips badges.
  • Added the respected raffler badge.
  • Increased max line breaks on raffles to 20.
  • Limit the number of raffles that one user can make in 24 hours.
  • Allow horizontal scrolling on mobile on pages that aren't responsive.
  • Misc backend bug fixed and performance improvements.
Edited by Jessecar | ScrapTF
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  • 2 weeks later...
  • Developer
  • Strange items are now prefixed correctly according to their level. (i.e. "hale's own ...")
  • A ton of backend optimizations and improvements.
  • SteamRep ban info now looks like normal bans on user profiles.
  • Fixed SteamRep banned users having profile comments.
  • Added a setting to disable profile comments.
  • Users can no longer see deleted comments. (this was a bug with the new comments system)
  • Auction stats & pagination to auction history.
  • Added stats & pagination to created raffles.
  • Added warning feature for staff to warn users instead of banning them.
  • Raffle limit fixes.
  • Hardened tipping. (Thanks to Top_Cat)
Edited by Jesse | ScrapTF
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  • 2 weeks later...
  • Developer
  • Added sort raffles by time left.
  • Disallow banned users from bidding on auctions.
  • Search now can be restored or copied via its url.
  • Added estimated item values in search.
  • Added comment deletion confirmation.
  • Tweaks to top rafflers list algorithm.
  • About me box in settings can only be resized vertically now.
  • Fixed user profiles for logged out users.
  • Unspookified the site.
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  • 2 weeks later...
  • Developer

(This update happened Nov 17th, 2015 however Geel did it without telling me so I'll post a changelog now anyways)

  • Changed "Many winners" to "Multiple winners" when creating a raffle to be more consistent.
  • Show decals on objectors, badges, etc.
  • Fixed escaped <i18n> tag on the homepage item banking thing.
  • Fixed comments not showing for logged out users.
  • Improved partbanking logic.
  • Moved live support chat to a popup.
  • Improvements to raffle editing.
  • Hide contracts from banking and raffles. (questname12345 items)
  • Save search type in url too.
  • Fixed long raffle titles in the raffle list.
  • Revered "boo" trade notification to the default sound.
  • Fixed deleting comments.
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...
  • Developer
  • Removed snow effect from site.
  • Removed avatars hats & all other holiday things.
  • Blocked Steam items that will expire from being raffled, such as holiday trading cards.
  • Removed the ability to deposit items into user inventories. User inventories will be removed soon.
  • Enable donating of uncraftable items.
  • Removed auctions link from the navigation bar.
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