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Scrap.TF Changelog

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  • Developer

Haven't pushed an update in a while, but here's the latest:

  • Added setting to change your background icon in chat.
  • Added favicons optimized for all OSes and platforms. Try pinning scrap.tf to your home screen on your phone.
  • Fixed comments breaking for logged out users.
  • Fixed a CSRF exploit on the settings page.
  • Some minor CSS fixes in the navigation and raffle pages.
  • Improved the display of profile badges on mobile.
  • Made the display of recent raffle entries responsive. Avatars will no longer overflow and look ugly.
  • Added a nice modal dialog to tipping on raffles.
  • Changed around the tip and report buttons on raffles.
  • Other misc. bug fixes and improvements.
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  • Developer

Feb 6th:

  • Fixed grade name not showing on cosmetics.
  • Moved grade name from the item name to its description 
  • Fixed pricing display for strange genuine cosmetics.
  • Added avatar borders to the top donors table.
  • Added new system of raffle winner censoring to protect users privacy.
    • Added a user setting to control whether their avatar and username is shown or censored.
    • By default all users are set to censor both their name and avatar. Users can choose to show nothing, their avatar only, or their name and avatar.

Feb 19:

  • Moved strange hats to hat banking instead of strange banking.
  • Added AutoSell parts feature.

Feb 21:

  • Added inspect button to skin banking to see items in game.
  • Ended love vs hate event.

Feb 26:

  • Ordered chat icons in settings alphabetically.
  • Fixed the announcement page not parsing bbcode.
  • Made logged out users not able to see profile and announcement comments.
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  • 1 month later...
  • Developer

March 7th:

  • Added grade name to cosmetics, and cleaned up displaying of grades.
  • Fixed hat pricing being wrong on strange genuine items.
  • Added raffle winner privacy options, and mod option to censor raffle winners.
  • A bunch of raffle winner css fixes.

March 20th:

  • Fixed bulk hat buying.

March 24th:

  • Fixed black and white logo on Chrome dev/beta.
  • Fixed site wide consistency of different logo colors, and fixed all favicons.
  • Fixed css of single raffle winners.

March 26th:

  • Community-banned users can now create and enter private raffles.

March 28th:

  • Added strange item discounts, for items that have been sitting around for a long time.

April 3rd:

  • Fixed strange stock limits.

April 4th:

  • Added details of item discounts to hover boxes.
  • Added hats to item discounts.

April 7th:

  • Fixed typo in rules, and removed auction specific rules.
  • Changed sort order of entered raffles to time left for active ones, then age of completed ones.
  • Reduced raffle creation cool-down to 1 minute from 3 minutes.
  • Added a limit of entering 1 raffle every 10 seconds.
  • Fixed profile 0 being broken (sweetiebot).
  • Fixed item discounts showing up randomly.
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  • 1 month later...
  • Developer

April 16th:

  • Added unusual banking.

April 18th:

  • Added item type switcher to sell items pages.

April 26th:

  • Banned users will now show a blank avatar and title everywhere.
  • Added profile stat for puzzle raffles.

May 8th:

  • New categorized settings page!
  • New feature in settings for super donor's to request custom name colors.
  • Added stripe donation method.


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  • 1 month later...
  • Developer

May 9th:

  • Added back "update profile from steam" button to settings.
  • Minor CSS fixes in the settings page.

May 18th:

  • Added puzzle raffle solution to show staff members the correct solution to your raffle.

May 21st:

  • Improved main banking menu.
  • Improved new puzzle raffle page.
  • Rules update.
  • Added fancy preview for YouTube links (Bat-Country).

June 3rd:

  • Added a total hard cap of 500 items in a raffle.

June 5th:

  • Fixed login exploit related to OpenID.

June 21st:


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  • Developer

June 30th:

  • Changed banned users name prefix to be a ban sign instead of an exclamation point, and crossed their name out.

July 8th:

  • Added pyro vs heavy stats to the home page.

Aug 1st:

  • User notifications are now loaded via ajax.
  • Added a navigation menu for our TF2 servers.
  • Added Tip of the Hats logo to the home page.
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • Developer

Sept 1st:

  • Added a minimum run length of 1 hour to puzzle raffles.
  • Fixed entered message not showing after a raffle ends.
  • Fixed inconsistent max lengths when editing raffles.
  • Fixed private raffles not showing times over 1 day when editing.
  • Fixed inconstant wording of max avatar file size.
  • Made "unknown ajax error" more detailed.
  • Fixed editing raffles escaping characters twice.
  • Fixed schema breaking.
  • Fixed editing steam group raffles.
  • Removed showing the group id as a password on steam group raffles.
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  • 2 months later...
  • Developer

Yeah I keep forgetting this...


Oct 3rd:

  • Puzzle raffle creation overhaul.
  • Raffle type selection overhaul.
  • Improved inventory loading.

Oct 6th:

  • Improvements to auction's top bidder display.
  • Fixed navbar on tablets.

Oct 11th:

  • Added auction rules.

Oct 13th:

  • Increased auction bid limit to 200 items.

Nov 15th:

  • Backend improvements to speed up raffle loading, and the reliability of live comments.

Nov 19th:

  • Added AutoSell hats.

Nov 28th:

  • Reduced minimum comment length to 2 characters.
  • Added auction bids item blacklist.
  • Changed auctions list to a two column layout.
  • Added separate profile stats for private, public, and puzzle raffles entered.
  • Fixed item banking price list being missing sometimes.
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  • 1 month later...
  • Developer

Dec 26th:

  • Added blog

Dec 31st:

  • Show skin wear in the description instead of the item name.

Jan 6th:

  • Added more filters to the top rafflers page.
  • Fixed "None" wear name.
  • Fixed the wrong timezone on raffle ending dates.
  • Added improved text editor to raffles and profile editing.

Jan 13th:

  • Fixed multiple comments being posted for one click.
  • Fixed poll results overflowing, refreshing too much, and blank answers.

Jan 24th:

  • Changed nav menu to be full height on mobile.
  • Made padding less on most pages on mobile to make room for more content.
  • Added notification indicator on mobile.
  • Fixed raffle timers being bad.

Jan 26th:

  • Fixes to raffle and and auction titles overflowing.

Feb 1st:

  • Fixed avatar upload error every time you saved settings.
  • Fixed line breaks and spaces in profile descriptions.

Feb 8th:

  • Fixed being able to comment on banned profiles.
  • Added warning when making an auction and bidding on auctions.
  • Added site inventory to user menu.
  • Renamed collection to avatar hats.
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  • 2 months later...
  • Developer

Feb 28th:

  • Added trim on raffle password entries.
  • Fixed raffle password entries not being compared properly.
  • Removed steamrep tags showing when banned.
  • Fixed about page mess on mobile.
  • Fixed key banking being broken on mobile.
  • Fixed raffle winners page taking forever to load and timing out.
  • Changed to a links blacklist instead of a whitelist.

Mar 6th:

  • Improvements to captcha on raffles.
  • Show answers and solutions to puzzle raffles when they end.

Mar 7th:

  • Fixed bidding the same items multiple times in auctions.

April 8th:

  • Added the megaraffle.

April 10th:

  • Added captchas to the megaraffle.

April 13th:

  • Added link to view the previous megaraffle.

April 22nd:

  • Badge builder improvements and fixes.

April 24th:

  • Fix reserved item bug for item banking.
  • Added dynamic bot prevention system.
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  • 3 months later...
  • Developer

May 26th:

  • Added queue throttling for unusual banking to prevent queue camping.

Jul 17th:

  • Huge backend update, converted the site to use PHP namespacing.

Jul 19th:

  • Added blob emotes.

Jul 23rd:

  • Fixed Twitch raffles not working.

Jul 27th:

  • Fixed Steam items in raffles.

Aug 3rd:

  • Added the 5 year anniversary hat.

Aug 16th:

  • Fixed announcement comments.

Aug 25th:

  • Fixed word blacklist not applying to auctions.
  • Fixed profile comments pagination.
  • Improved design for the banking buttons and bot selector buttons.
  • Added more blobs and Google emotes.
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  • 4 weeks later...
  • Developer

Aug 27th:

  • Emotes

Sept 1st:

  • Emotes
  • Added emote size to the list

Sept 6th:

  • Premium system released. This replaces donating.
  • Removed buying priority monthly.

Sept 7th:

  • Emotes

Sept 10th:

  • Emotes
  • Added more year badges

Sept 12th:

  • Emotes

Sept 13th:

  • Added profile backgrounds and other user settings.
  • Added dark theme.

Sept 14th:

  • Dark theme fixes, and made entered raffles more visible.

Sept 18th:

  • More dark theme fixes for the nav menu.
  • Fixed blogs being messed up on mobile.
  • Added ToTH promo video to the front page.
  • Emotes
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  • 2 months later...
  • Developer

Oct 15th:

  • Emotes

Nov 1st:

  • Un-spookify

Nov 14th/15th:

  • Added beta merged banking pages to show all items from all bots.

Nov 19th:

  • Added auto-leveler.
  • Cleaned up banking pages buttons.

Dec 1st:

  • Christmasification!
  • Holiday event.

Dec 31st:

  • Changed from PayPal to Stripe for premium payments.
  • New queue/trade offer UI.
  • Emotes update.
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  • Developer

Jan 8th:

  • Adjusted the design of site announcements, making them smaller.
  • Fixed the navbar being displayed over various popup windows.
  • Fixed won auctions making a mess of the page.
  • Added a link to an auctions when you click on its items (just like raffles).
  • Added steam levels to profiles.
  • Removed Christmas theme, and snow.
  • Added "your bid was rejected" message to auctions.
  • Other improvements for future auction fixes.
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  • Developer

Jan 15th:

  • Updated skin/war paint images to show the stock weapon when we don't have the proper image for it.
  • Made it so you can click/right click through avatar hats.
  • More z-index fixes for menus being covered by UI elements.
  • Fixed raffle latest entries showing the wrong amount on mobile.
  • Changed the dev banner on the dev site.
  • Added a setting to hide your Steam level from your profile.
  • Added additional checks to prevent tipping multiple times on a single raffle.
  • Misc back-end improvements and optimizations.
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