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Scrap.TF Changelog

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  • Developer

Jan 18th:

  • Renamed "notices" to "notifications", and updated the loading icon.
  • The notification count will now automatically update itself.
  • Fixed bot inventory indicators overflowing.
  • Added multi-bans, users can be banned for multiple reasons at once. This greatly simplifies moderation when someone is auction banned.
  • Updated profiles, ban appeals, and more to support multi-bans.
  • Added a new profile-ban option to restrict profile customization.
  • Removed the option to delete uploaded avatars (for now).
  • Improved the display of Steamrep tags on profiles. Also hid Steamrep donator tags.
  • Geel: Added descriptions to items as to why they can't be sold (overstocked, no price, etc)
  • More back-end improvements and optimization.
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  • Developer

Feb 22nd:

  • Don't allow selling of valuable weapons.
  • Display as 0.5 scrap instead of 1/2 scrap.

Feb 23rd:

  • Added link to the all sell page on the home page.

Feb 27th:

  • Use the new "expanded" items view when buying from any banking type.

Mar 6th:

  • Emotes
  • Added the new emotes list.
  • Added a link to the all comments page on raffles when there's over 50 comments.
  • Show a message when comments are disabled on raffles.
  • Fixed Australium images on dev.
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  • Developer

Mar 27th:

  • Changes to the price display when buying items to reduce clutter and improve readability.
  • Added a notification when bids are rejected on auctions.
  • Added a notification when bids become active again after another bid is rejected.
  • Added back crafter names to item descriptions.
  • Added back all craft numbers when selling items, and in raffles. Only numbers above 100 are shown in the box when buying.
  • Layout changes to comments all over the site.
  • Fixed the un-delete comment button showing for users when they couldn't use it.
  • Fixed live-updating comments not being consistant with other comments.
  • Increased the max height of the comments box on raffles.
  • Changed usernames and user titles to show to the left of avatars on mobile in the raffles list.
  • Fixed the "Added to the queue" message breaking the position of the trade popup.
  • Emotes
  • .. and more internal fixes and updates.
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  • Developer

April 24th:

  • Fixed auctions not showing profile bans.
  • Fixed an error loading inventories in card banking.
  • Fixed raffle history not counting failed raffles.
  • Fixed password field showing on public raffles.
  • Fixed joined raffles not showing for some users.
  • Fixed the ban appeals page in the dark theme.
  • Remade the layout of raffle winners (fixes the censored tooltip).
  • Fixed a bunch of 500 errors when not logged in.
  • Fixed badge builder overflowing in the nav.
  • Fixed uploading avatars on mobile.
  • Fixed items in megaraffle overflowing.
  • Changed some of the buy links in the navbar to go directly to the bots.
  • Fixed the view all items button on the homepage looking weird on smaller screens.
  • Lots more backend changes and cleanup.
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  • Developer

May 24th:

  • Updated our privacy policy to be compliant with the GDPR.
  • Added a notice about our privacy policy and cookie usage to users in the EEA.
  • Fixed timers not working in auction searches.
  • Minor updates and clarification on some of our rules.
  • Made canceled raffles count towards users' limit of created raffles per day.
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  • Developer

June 8th:

  • Added auction sniping prevention! This new option when creating an auction will reset the auction's timer to 5 minutes if a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes.
  • Fixed private auctions not being private.
  • Fixed the current top bid display getting messed up when loading new bids.
  • Fixed auctions breaking when not logged in.
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  • Developer

June 26th:

  • Auction bids can no longer be made with the same items (matching via item original IDs) as previously rejected bids.
  • If a user's bids are denied 3 times in a row they will be blocked from making any more until someone else bids.
  • Bids placed during sniping prevention must be 1% higher in value than the current highest bid.

These changes are to reduce trolling and annoyances in auctions. I'll be tweaking these and adding more counter-measures as we see fit.

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  • Developer

July 6th:

  • Removed rules M1 and M6 pertaining to the former rules secret.
  • Removed the "mark of shame" badge.
  • The companion cube badge has been locked in place, and can no longer be obtained.
  • All former users in group 1 (gray users) have been updated to user group 2.
  • Added a second chat button to the navigation bar, and moved about to the footer.
  • Renamed the Banking menu to Trade
  • The warning message about bids needed to be 1% higher than previous now shows how much keys/ref need to be added.
  • Fixed auction items being selectable when bidding.
  • Removed a bunch of low-usage emotes.
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  • Developer

Many changes were made throughout September for Tip of the Hats and fundraisers. I won't be going into detail on them.


Oct 17th:

  • Sppokified the site.
  • Made dark theme the default for Halloween.
  • Added a setting to force dark or light theme depending on which we use as default.
  • Added a bunch of hats for future use, thanks to iWasHere.

Oct 31st:

  • Added setting on auctions to allow or block skins from being bid. They are blocked by default.
  • Secret Halloween stuff


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