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Scrap.TF Changelog

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  • Developer

Nov 23rd:

  • Setup and enabled secret santa.

Dec 1st:

  • Added homepage, raffle, and snow decorations.

Dec 3rd:

  • Fixed some pages showing items from unavailable or full bots.

Dec 4th:

  • Fixed the toggle for allowing skins in auctions.

Dec 13th:

  • Setup and enabled the holiday event.

Dec 14th:

  • Added categories to item banking (Geel).

Dec 18th:

  • Moved live support to a new sub-domain.
  • Fixed issue with multiple hats.
  • Added quest timer to the holiday event.
  • Fixed unclaimed secret santa items counting towards your site inventory limit.

Dec 20th:

  • Schema update due to TF2's smissmas update.

Dec 21st:

  • Changed minimum entries on puzzle raffles to 10.
  • Fixed chat showing avatars when a user is profile banned.
  • Updated the create auction page to show more information about them.
  • Added 2 emotes: gotemeh and gotesweat
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  • Developer

Jan 2nd:

  • Fixed hats not showing in the raffle list.
  • Don't show hats in raffle winners since they just get cutoff.
  • Added message encouraging users to remove items from their site inventory.
  • Updated site messages for raffles and auction winnings.
  • Ended the holiday event.

Jan 7th:

  • New feature: You can now show your Youtube, Twitch, or Twitter profile links on your scrap.tf profile. You can add them here: https://scrap.tf/settings#profile_page
  • Removed holiday decorations.
  • Flipped the whip emote around.
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  • Developer

Jan 26:

  • Fixed an exploit in multiple banking types allowing you to sell overstocked items.

Feb 5th:

  • Rules update.

Feb 14th:

  • Added scheduled raffles for premium users.
  • Minor tweaks to how raffles look for the raffle creators.
  • Fixed text being unreadable in the dark theme when editing raffles.

Feb 15th:

  • Fixed not being able to schedule raffles when you have 5 open already.
  • Fixed being able to use "Start now" on scheduled raffles to bypass the raffles open at once limit.
  • Fixed being able to use scheduled raffles to bypass the raffles per 24 hours limit.
  • Added renamed stock items to the auction bid blacklist.
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  • Developer

Feb 19th:

  • Added time ended to raffle history instead of just saying "Raffle Ended".
  • Added warning to the trade offer popup about potential scams.

Feb 25th:

  • Don't hide owners from the top rafflers list anymore.
  • Added auction rule about item misrepresentation.
  • Added blobjoy emote.

Feb 26th:

  • Fixes for users being able to create too many raffles.
  • Removed these emotes for being the least used in the past 6 months.

Mar 11th:

  • Fixed issue where raffles could start and end at the same time.
  • Additional fixes for users being able to create too many raffles.

Mar 14th:

  • Fixed bugs related to disabling hat banking.

Mar 18th:

  • Fixed raffles started at the exact same time not showing up when paginating.

Mar 19th:

  • Fixed regression where raffles could show up twice when paginating.
  • Emotes update
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  • Developer

May 28th:

  • Removed CS:GO skin banking.
  • When tipping raffles the page will no longer reload.
  • When entering puzzle raffles comments will now be enabled without refreshing.
  • Lowered page margins on profiles for mobile.
  • Fixed some errors for logged out users.
  • Changed some pages to say trading instead of banking to be more consistant.
  • Fixed raffle pages being tiny on mobile for some users.
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  • Developer

Sept 2nd:

  • Update puzzle raffle rules.
  • Misc backend optimizations.

Sept 16th:

  • Add warning about possible scams when depositing items.
  • Removed profile link from site-wide announcements.
  • More backend optimizations.

Sept 19th:

  • Updated the style of the raffle list header to show bigger numbers.
  • Add new edit raffle page that allows you control more things.
  • Show raffle start times when they are pending upload.
  • Updated some badges to SVG, thanks to iwashere.
  • Update and clarify some rules.

Oct 3rd:

  • Add more SVG badges and icons, thanks to iwashere.
  • Fix mini icons on items overlapping.

Oct 8th:

  • Enabled Halloween mode.
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  • Developer

Oct 29th:

  • Fixed possible source of raffles starting without the items being traded in.
  • Fixed current raffle being counted towards limits when editing it.
  • Moved chat icon setting to chat itself.
  • Fixed site inventory limits being higher than they should be.
  • Removed steamrep admin display from profiles as it was confusing.
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  • Developer

Oct 31st:

  • Fixed input validation on badge builder
  • Remove links from people's usernames

Nov 5th:

  • Removed Halloween theming.

Dec 2nd:

  • Enabled Holiday theme

Dec 6th:

  • Opened the Christmas cookie event

Dec 9th:

Jan 6th:

  • Fixed unpriced cards being shown as 2 keys when they were actually 2 scrap.
  • Fixed item banking showing "Unknown Error" when selling
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  • Developer

Jan 7th:

  • Removed holiday theme
  • Closed cookie event
  • Updated rules

Jan 26th:

Feb 13th:

  • Sped up profile loading by caching a lot of stat counters in memory

Feb 14th:

  • Fixed raffle counters being updated at the wrong time

Feb 17th:

  • Fixed notification cache not being cleared in some cases

Feb 19th:

  • Blocked wrapped gifts from being bid in auctions
  • Reworked raffle tips so you really can't tip a raffle more than once.
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  • Developer

August 5th:

  • Fix the stats page so it actually shows content
  • Bans on backpack.tf will carry over to our site
  • Updated live support to V2
  • Disabled the July 2020 summer hat event
  • Removed the option to pay for premium with TF2 items (we have long considered this feature deprecated)
  • Steam API status on the landing page should be a tiny bit more accurate (maybe)
  • Fabricators in auctions should show sheen and output information
  • Fixed strange parts on skinned items not being displayed in auctions
  • Raffle winner privacy is now more aggressive, more of the username is hidden
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  • Developer

August 16th:


  • Premium Plus users may now use their profile background on their raffles - look in the settings page for the option
  • Fixed users not being able to buy premium for themselves if they do not allow premium gifts
  • More item box hovering fixes
  • Items in item banking are separated by craftable status
  • Professional KS kits will no longer overstock if the eye effect is the same while the sheen color is different
  • Team shine Specialized KS kits will no longer become overstocked by basic KS kits
  • Chemistry sets will display output information in auctions
  • Banking page headers no longer scroll with the page when on mobile (saves a lot of screen space)
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  • Developer

September 1st:


  • Re-enabled purchasing premium with items. We currently will only accept keys
  • Account birthdays are now celebrated with a small cake next to the user's name
  • Fixed a bug where the raffle list would rapidly refresh itself
  • Optimized the snow weather effect a ton
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Fixed all raffles being shown as having multiple winners in the raffle list
  • Removed the "inspect in game" button from all menus except Skinbanking
  • ...
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  • Developer

September 13th:

  • The legend on the topmost graph on the stats page is no longer hidden behind the chat button
  • Custom item descriptions will now be displayed while we are using the fallback inventory API
  • Reports on auctions no longer require the user to enter extra details, and the "select reason" option can no longer be selected as the reason
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  • Developer

October 1st:

  • Enabled Halloween 2020 Event
  • Added a status indicator on the auctions list page. This value is based on the availability of the TF2 API (which is required for auctions to work, the rest of the site uses the Steam API at the time of writing)

October 2nd:

  • Added a timer to the event page to indicate when today's sweets will change and the next candy bucket will become available
  • Fixed an issue where candy bucket id 2 would only spawn if today's pumpkin was candy bucket id 1
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  • Developer

October 30:

  • God why

November 1st:

  • Disabled Halloween event

November 9th:

  • Updated settings page to use ajax calls instead of form submissions. This means that the settings page will no longer refresh when you save settings. Possibly fixed a bunch of settings-related bugs
  • Super Premium color submissions are now automatically verified/denied
  • Banned user avatars no longer show in raffle entries
  • Updated auction rules: commenting offers is not allowed
  • Ability to view all comments on an auction when the number of comments surpasses 50
  • Trying to withdraw items from site inventory without selecting any items is stopped by a disabled button and a tooltip (kinda cant believe we needed this)
  • Fixed item banking stocks not showing correctly when bots are full
  • Support screen now supports linebreaks in the support bulletin
  • Fixed an issue where having lowercase characters in your custom user color hex would cause it to not auto-select the custom color in the color dropdown in the settings page
  • Removed geel
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  • Developer

December 1st:

  • Fixed user trades count
  • Made grouped notification for new comments be written better
  • Fixed user colors being marked as "too close to banned user color" when the chosen color was not
  • Added a setting to change sound volume for queue sounds
  • Fixed access keys, added a hover-over hint to the profile dropdown menu
  • "Your Raffles" is now minimized by default on the raffles list page: click it to reveal the contents
  • Decorate for the season
  • Updated General Rule #7
  • Removed geel
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