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Nov 23rd:

  • Setup and enabled secret santa.

Dec 1st:

  • Added homepage, raffle, and snow decorations.

Dec 3rd:

  • Fixed some pages showing items from unavailable or full bots.

Dec 4th:

  • Fixed the toggle for allowing skins in auctions.

Dec 13th:

  • Setup and enabled the holiday event.

Dec 14th:

  • Added categories to item banking (Geel).

Dec 18th:

  • Moved live support to a new sub-domain.
  • Fixed issue with multiple hats.
  • Added quest timer to the holiday event.
  • Fixed unclaimed secret santa items counting towards your site inventory limit.

Dec 20th:

  • Schema update due to TF2's smissmas update.

Dec 21st:

  • Changed minimum entries on puzzle raffles to 10.
  • Fixed chat showing avatars when a user is profile banned.
  • Updated the create auction page to show more information about them.
  • Added 2 emotes: gotemeh and gotesweat

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Jan 2nd:

  • Fixed hats not showing in the raffle list.
  • Don't show hats in raffle winners since they just get cutoff.
  • Added message encouraging users to remove items from their site inventory.
  • Updated site messages for raffles and auction winnings.
  • Ended the holiday event.

Jan 7th:

  • New feature: You can now show your Youtube, Twitch, or Twitter profile links on your scrap.tf profile. You can add them here: https://scrap.tf/settings#profile_page
  • Removed holiday decorations.
  • Flipped the whip emote around.

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Jan 20th:

  • Made the dark theme a little more darker and more consistent, and added a blue line for some reason.
  • Fixed broken Steam link in the footer.
  • Removed more holiday event remnants.
  • Updated ckeditor (the text editor when making raffles) and fixed it making emotes look huge.

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Jan 26:

  • Fixed an exploit in multiple banking types allowing you to sell overstocked items.

Feb 5th:

  • Rules update.

Feb 14th:

  • Added scheduled raffles for premium users.
  • Minor tweaks to how raffles look for the raffle creators.
  • Fixed text being unreadable in the dark theme when editing raffles.

Feb 15th:

  • Fixed not being able to schedule raffles when you have 5 open already.
  • Fixed being able to use "Start now" on scheduled raffles to bypass the raffles open at once limit.
  • Fixed being able to use scheduled raffles to bypass the raffles per 24 hours limit.
  • Added renamed stock items to the auction bid blacklist.

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Feb 19th:

  • Added time ended to raffle history instead of just saying "Raffle Ended".
  • Added warning to the trade offer popup about potential scams.

Feb 25th:

  • Don't hide owners from the top rafflers list anymore.
  • Added auction rule about item misrepresentation.
  • Added blobjoy emote.

Feb 26th:

  • Fixes for users being able to create too many raffles.
  • Removed these emotes for being the least used in the past 6 months.

Mar 11th:

  • Fixed issue where raffles could start and end at the same time.
  • Additional fixes for users being able to create too many raffles.

Mar 14th:

  • Fixed bugs related to disabling hat banking.

Mar 18th:

  • Fixed raffles started at the exact same time not showing up when paginating.

Mar 19th:

  • Fixed regression where raffles could show up twice when paginating.
  • Emotes update

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May 28th:

  • Removed CS:GO skin banking.
  • When tipping raffles the page will no longer reload.
  • When entering puzzle raffles comments will now be enabled without refreshing.
  • Lowered page margins on profiles for mobile.
  • Fixed some errors for logged out users.
  • Changed some pages to say trading instead of banking to be more consistant.
  • Fixed raffle pages being tiny on mobile for some users.

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