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Trade locked b/c mobile auth. Advice/Sympathy?


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I'm currently unable to trade with anyone for 7 days thanks to Steam's great mobile authenticator.


Initially hearing about the upcoming escrow nonsense that was being put into effect, I added my mobile number to Steam, set up the Steam app on my phone, and proceeded to allow mobile authentication services for trading. After a couple of trades of using this service, I realized it was overly cumbersome, and promptly switched back to just doing email verification for trades (assuming one only had to have the mobile authentication for a period of 7 days prior to it being required and that, if made absolutely required, I could turn it back on whenever and resume normal trade flow). However, Steam penalized me for not using the service continuously for 7 days prior to it being mandatory, and I suffered the usual trade hold nonsense that many people were experiencing (most commonly within the first week of it being made mandatory).


I complied with Steam, and again allowed mobile authentication services for trading. I could deal with the trade holds (mostly everyone I was trading with hadn't prepared for the escrow initialization and were experiencing them anyways).


Less than 48 hours ago, almost a week after allowing mobile authentication for the 2nd time, I broke the phone I had been using for mobile authentication. This put me in an awkward situation, as I had just started my 100 scrap + 100 key raffle http://tf2r.com/k26z23n.html and was just about to be made out as "fit for normal trade" in the coded eyes of the mobile authenticator.


No choice was left in the matter but to get the desktop authenticator and hope for the trade holds to continue for 7 more days. However, in removing the original phone and setting up the desktop authenticator (which I was only just able to do because I'm visiting a friend out of town who happens to have a phone that requires a SIM card and the originally mentioned phone luckily required a SIM card) I signed in from a new device (the friends phone), causing me to be unable to trade for 7 days.


Now, I'm signed up for Secret Santa, but I can't trade any items to the bots (I couldn't trade with them prior to me breaking my phone because I can only guess one had to be fully integrated with the authenticator to trade with them (This also prevented me from completing any trade-related holiday quests...)).  All I can do with this inability is share this with my gifter and recipient, hope they can understand, and send a slightly belated gift.


I'm also due to deliver keys and scraps to the 100 winners of the aforementioned raffle I'm already hosting before the 7 day trade restriction ends. I'll be sharing this within that raffle and with TF2R moderators for hope that they will also understand my predicament and what must follow accordingly.


I'm not asking for help, because the problem here lies with Steam.


Thanks for reading though, have a good one, and have fun.


ITT: What's your worst trade story?

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