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You're banned

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Banned for letting this thread carry on for a year and a bit.

You are banned for not pointing out that he should have used "you're" instead of "your"

Banned for not having a demon. C'mon, they are cool.

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1 hour ago, Notherin said:

You're banned for not replying in Comic Sans.

 Banned for thinking that you replied in comic sans while you actually used comic neue (ban the forum developers for this)



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1 hour ago, ❄ғᴇsᴛɪᴠᴇ Shebby said:


By Comic Sans



Banned for banning By Comic Sans on this topic about banning where i will get banned and you will aswell alsothismakesnosensebecauseithasnospacesinitanditsawasteofyourtime ban.

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