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Custom emote suggestions -- OPEN!

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Read this entire post before posting in this thread! We have very specific requirements for submissions.


Please refrain from posting in this thread if you're not here to suggest an emote. I want to keep this thread clutter-free.

If you see any ones you like, use the "Like this" button to show that you want it/them added.

List of current custom site emotes: https://scrap.tf/emotelist


Requirements for a new emote:

  • Upload the file using the forum's file uploader, or imgur or feen.us.
  • It must be a 1:1 aspect ratio square, you can create padding around it if you don't want the content to be square.
  • It must be a PNG file with a transparent background.
  • Resolution must be 128x128 px. (Emotes on the site are shown at 32x32 px)
  • Must be scaled correctly, if it appears stretched it won't be added.
  • Must be high fidelity and low noise/compression. Don't convert from JPGs!
  • Must conform to the site rules, so no NSFW/suggestive stuff.
  • Only one emote per post allowed. You may suggest multiple but not in a row or so close to each other.
  • No emotes that are just bad memes or used for shitposting.
  • You must submit a name along with it. It must be all lowercase with no spaces. You may use _ but not -
  • Only post one version and one name for your emote. We won't choose for you!
  • If your emote is of a non-original character your emote name cannot contain your username.


Animated emotes:

  • You can suggest animated emotes now.
  • They must be in the animated PNG format. You can use APNG Assembler to create them.
  • Animated GIF's are not accepted!
  • Do not just convert GIFs to APNG. This creates very large files and they won't be added.
  • You should create your own animations using clean PNGs or vectors, then convert them to APNG using APNG Assembler.
  • Maximum file size for these is 50 KiB, but please try to keep it lower. Think of the mobile data users!
  • All other resolution requirements apply.


If you've previously submitted a custom emote, you can post a higher resolution version here for it to be updated, or you can request its deletion.


If you don't follow these guidelines your post will be hidden or ignored.

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HbbwhQA.png :phantomhappy:


UmkVUUv.png :phantommeh:


49baunj.png :phantomsad:


9YMq1e2.png :phantomsurprised:


I wanted to make them 16x16, but the corrupted shadow and melting details don't show right in that resolution.

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Complying with no caps rule

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