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Custom emote suggestions -- OPEN!

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Please refrain from posting in this thread if you're not here to suggest an emote. I want to keep this thread clutter-free.

Just a quote from Jesse's first post, please keep this thread to emotion suggestions only

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Based on the questions raised in my previous post and personal suspicion as to the objectivity of the "staff votes", I'm suggesting this emote again. And more importantly, it's extremely sugoi.


servalface.png.7efc85f02274e5eee4b108ca7ca43f81.png :servalface:

Edited by Konata

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Back with some more fixes, bois.


:teamcaptain: ---> dusat7bdnv.png (just fixed some white/gray pixels)

:trubbish: ---> m8hh7grhxd.png (the actual fixed emote; for some reason when I originally fixed it the actual image was missing from the game's wiki)

:redcrab:  --->  7gaubsxbwj.png (it's been forever but I never noticed how it wasn't vertically aligned with the Bluecrab emote :bluecrab::redcrab: )

:alulaspeak:  --->  zo3nv9fv5n.png (fixed and smoothed out like the Niko emotes)



Request to rename :gote3: to :gote2: now that the original :gote2: was removed from the site's emote list.

Edited by Spy

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