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Custom emote suggestions -- OPEN!

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(40x40 version) 58d0172c08837_KingFish2-40x40-Scrap.tfhymi.png.3d8fc55f8f8c4920bd6a2485ae783c23.png





Link: http://imgur.com/a/M0XnE


References: Backpack Holy Mackerel.png - Official TF2 Wiki, Painted Prince Tavish's Crown 2F4F4F.png - Official TF2 Wiki

Giant China Teacup White 01.jpg - Eventprophire.com (Some kind of prop selling website, I doubt they mind)


The original king fish (couldn't fit into 32x32 form, the background is dark because I tested how it works with white/dark backgrounds. Tried to make it shiny/glimmering but it didn't work in 32x32 form anymore): 58d018bb482fd_KingFish-Scrap.tfhymi.png.d1344b8543929c099942f7c366ba0e69.png

Edited by FishTigress
I forgot the imgur link :( +Had to change the names because there already was a fish and a teacup... Sigh...

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On 1/29/2017 at 8:51 PM, Starco said:

Pretty sure that's a meme, so it won't be counted for, Kirbs.

I bet that facepalm emote would've made it in if you didn't expose it. You don't know how badly I wanted that in. ;_;

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33 minutes ago, ARoboCat skins.gold said:

X3tbBO6.png :rc_chalkboard:

MCFj4Uk.png :rc_hbcake:

Y7rxSsJ.png :rc_announcement:

WRwQcr8.png :rc_alert:

GCWwujO.png :rc_rip:

You're only allowed 3 at a time. If you cut it down to just three then you should be all square


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