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Doctor Mann

acknowledged Items from raffle marked as "withdrawn" when they have been not

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On 04. 05. 2017. at 3:46 PM, Lady Potato said:



2 hours ago, ♕Δυгις†ƘгψsλlιsS said:

once again it happened https://scrap.tf/raffles/15UQ1Q

haven't withdrawn it yet and yeah it seems like these glitches happen often

no withdraw button

"Admins already said that scrap.tf has problems with withdrawing Steam items (Background,emoticons...).
Please be patient."

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Hey got the same problem here no withdraw button and no items received. https://scrap.tf/raffles/ZIH3G3

UPDATE: Dunno if one of you guys fixed it or I just had to wait but it's all good now got my items.





Edited by Fidget
Problem was Solved

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