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Doctor Mann

acknowledged Items from raffle marked as "withdrawn" when they have been not

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A day ago i won a raffle https://scrap.tf/raffles/YZA5SB


I got a notification that i won an item.


But there is no withdraw button, it only shows the time the raffle started/ended


I asked live support, they said i already withdrew the item, but i didn't, They told me to make a topic in the forums.


I hope any staff will comply and help me with this problem.


Best wishes, Doctor Mann.

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You could of gotten the notification by accident the bots sometimes accidently send it to the wrong user sometimes. If it ever shows you're avatar in the bottom of the raffle where the winners are which makes an ideal reason to have you're avatar picture not private.

I hope I could help :)

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2 hours ago, Onion1337 said:

I can also prove that I haven't traded the items, cus there is no trade that even has the items in my trade history.


We have had a few users experiencing so. Feel free to provide your trade history

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Experiencing that problem too.


Said that i won a raffle, didn't even send me a trade offer (even tho it obviously did), said that there is a problem with Steam API being down.

Sorry for bothering you all and thanks in forward.





More things had to be said.

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I won a raffle and it said I won reclaimed metal and a scout trading card. I clicked withdraw items and the bot sent me a trade request with only the reclaimed metal and accepted it because I thought I would get my card in a separate trade offer. I was wrong, so is there anyway I can get my trading card? It's fine if I can't, but I would appreciate getting what I won.

Here is the raffle I won: https://scrap.tf/raffles/ESWMUI


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Having this problem myself here. An interesting note that I forgot to screencap was that I won a second raffle and the option to claim showed up, but when I clicked the "withdraw items" button it said "this raffle hasn't ended yet"



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