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In case you didn't know, Valve is currently working on a major summer update for Team Fortress 2. The update will definitely include a competitive mode, as Jill, a member of the TF2 development team announced the final Stress Test, which ended a few days ago. So it looks like Competitive is almost ready for release.


We can anticipate 4 new taunts as well, as the TF2 taunt playlist was updated with 4 new taunts. We can also expect MAJOR balance changes as well, in order to accommodate for the new matchmaking mode. It's also likely that we'll see new skins, and new contracts.


For a full review of everything we know about this "neato" update, here's a great video from VNN:





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Another update, another nerf to a soldier melee weapon,

The Disciplinary Action

  • Reduced duration of speed bonus on teammates to 2 seconds (from 3)


and more pyro buffing:

  • All Flamethrowers
    • Added: Direct damage reduces Medi Gun healing and resist shield effects by 25%
      • Medics hear a "healing interrupted" sound when this is happening to their heal target
  • The Manmelter
    • Removed (hidden) 20% fire rate penalty


Glad I left this game. Cheats, shrinking community and re-(un)balancing. Why volvo why?

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