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TF2 servers suggestions

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Just now, EЯMAC | CSGORage.com said:

You should run a "Spies and Pyros" server.
For those who don't know what Spies and Pyros is, it is a gamemode where spies go and hide and pyros have to find them and kill them.

Spies win if they are not found in a certain amount of time.

Pyros win if they kill all the spies.

That could work with the prizes thing.

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We here at Scrap.TF Server Parties (Located Here http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ScrapTFParty) believe we can help (possibly offically) host weekly parties on Fridays/Saturdays. From our previous two parties we have filled the server and during the first party Mod: "Axie | Scrap.TF" fairly well help moderate the party and added to the overall fun of the server. Considering the possible ideas of hosting other servers, we can possibly do a server rotate in which every week in a specific sequence. Could be fun. However, there might be a problem with public/private unoffical server raffles. I'd suggest in possibly making a Pluggin to help assist with this problem, however we do not have any idea how to assist in creating said pluggin.

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Just now, Ezekiel said:

Make sure you're all posting plugins that are still kept running.

Because TF2Ware, Zombie Fortress, and possibly Freak Fortress are all dead from what I've been researching.

Zombie Fortress? Is that the same as Muselk's Zombies gamemode?

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8 minutes ago, Nope. said:

Yeah, what if we had a hide and seek (or sharks and minnows, or something similar) where you could put an item in the pot to be "it" and then the last person standing received the item? In between rounds it could just be a DM.

I used to do hide n seek on an old Trade server *before it went down... Happy that it did*

Mainly hosted events once in a while.


Got people to pay attention and listen, said hey; if you want to try this, and possibly win items, anyone who wants to donate any item towards a pot; that will then go to who ever wins, then gets said items.


Worked most of the time, sometimes people wouldn't listen or people would join and be confused, but it did work out non the less.


Only real issues were sometimes getting players, getting items that people could win, and having to repeat rules every few minutes.



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Just now, Jesse | Scrap.TF said:

Zombie Fortress: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=131282 (Last update was in 2011)

Freak Fortress: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=229013 (Last update was yesterday actually)

TF2Ware: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=243270 (Seems to have been revived and updated recently)

good to know. All I know is most of the servers running Zombie Fortress are dead, freak fortress servers are mostly dead, and TF2Ware servers have been dead for years.

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3 minutes ago, Ezekiel said:

It was made by MechaTheSlag who's given up on most of his plugins for his game that he's working on.

These include Parkour Fortress [Mirror's Edge], Zombie Fortress [L4D2], and TF2Ware.


Ok, so Zombie Fortress is different than the plugin I'm talking about, but I can't actually find the download for this plugin. Here's a video on the plugin, if you haven't seen it:


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1 minute ago, Nope. said:


Ok, so Zombie Fortress is different than the plugin I'm talking about, but I can't actually find the download for this plugin. Here's a video on the plugin, if you haven't seen it:

I've seen that, and as Jesse posted, the Zombie Fortress is dead. I'd like to use this one instead.

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Just now, ≡LLP≡ Ƒumetsu said:

Trade center could be nice 

A South American server for the users from there 

Freak fortress 

Something with rtd or workshop maps 

Randomizer :mellow:

those are my only ideas :lol:

- Trade center is meh. The site is already the trade center.

- Yes for South America.

- Yes for Freak Fortress.

- No RTD. But Workshop maps yes.

- Maybe randomizer.

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15 minutes ago, ★Shebby said:

There is such a mode. I've played it before. Very fun, It's only a map though, and not a gamemode.

Well, I was thinking that it doesn't need to be an "official" gamemode, but just like a gimmick, could be played in KoTH maps such as Viaduct and Lakeside, maps with hills. You know, full team of demos, 1 red captain, 1 blu captain. Only iron bomber and sticky launcher allowed. I don't know if you understand my rambling :P

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30 minutes ago, EЯMAC | CSGORage.com said:



I don't know why the reply is up there, I think i missclicked something.


Anyways, this is kind of a small thing, but STAR_ posted a video called "Equally Randomized"

I never got to play the plugin, even though I really wanted to.


Just my shot in to help the community. :)

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