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TF2 servers suggestions

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Just now, Mystic said:

Regular maps, no crits, auto balancing only between rounds, and max of 16 people so it's never more then 8v8.


People tend to get bored of playing regular maps all the time, so it would be nice to mix things up. Also having max 16 people on a server would be a bad idea because when the servers are active it's usually full with 24 people (plus sometimes more waiting to join). But that's just my opinion.

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23 minutes ago, Jesse | Scrap.TF said:

Whatever you do... don't add TrainSawLaser.

In my opinion, a map as wacky as that might overwhelm players and make others salty given all the hazards that can kill you.

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A gun game server would be pretty cool. Use the Randomizer models, start with melee and work your way up, then back down again, finishing with something that's really weak on it's own, like the fan-o-war or fire-based crit weapons (axtinguiser, sun-on-a-stick etc).

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What about, a 'mutator selector', at the end of every map, that selects a random mutator, and plays a few rounds with that mutator before map change.

Mutators include:



Class Wars

Stock Only

Medieval (or non-medieval on degroot keep)


For maps, maybe:

Morrigan alley (PL) (medieval)

Cranetop (PL)

Cashworks (PL)

Traingrid (KOTH)



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I would very much like an EU server! It was a little frustrating to be added to the Server Parties steam group only to discover that I in fact cannot partake due to the only server being an American one! If I were to suggest a hosting location, it would probably be in Luxembourg or another central European country, as in my experience that way people at either extreme of Europe (I live in the UK) can still get a decent connection provided that they have decent internet speeds.


I also think making the server open to a vote to change gamemode would be a good idea (and by that I mean vanilla gamemode). So it would probably be a chat command at the start of each round, and the results of the voting would change the maps available to vote for. That is, if such a thing is even possible. Just an idea. Otherwise, I'd just throw in a good mix of various gamemodes into the possible maps to vote for, such as pl_upward, koth_nucleus, plr_hightower, ctf_hellfire, cp_degrootkeep, and some other good maps.

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Hello everyone, I would like to see:


• Class Warfare server

• Other Class Warfare server but in which everyone have the same weapons

• Randomizer server

• x10 server

• Deathrun server

• Prop Hunt server

• Saxton Hale server with or without custom bosses

• Custom Weapons server with workshop weapons

• TF2Ware server

• Zombie server





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8 hours ago, Nope. said:

A x10 server would be cool. I'm also in support of workshop maps.


We could have tournaments/competitions on a server. And maybe the person who wins gets a prize donated by another? Or there's an entry fee and a pot?

I would love to have a x10 server. Would probably also increase the amount of Quickiebomb launchers scrap.tf sells :D

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Everything good's been suggested already <_<

I would suggest UberUpgrades, but 1. It can sometimes get too insane 2. The plugin is still WIP, and you can only download an older plugin.


So, how about a Halloween maps-only server?

I'd love me some Halloween :rolleyes:


Or how about a 2nd custom maps server, but with the more insane and stupid maps, like TrainSawLaser or WubWubWub?

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Had another idea, but didn't want to spam replies
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4 minutes ago, Ge-Ge said:

Maybe a "hidden"+randomizer gamemode server?

the hidden can be a heavy with a boston basher instead of the regular spy with knife, while the other players also get random weapons and classes, instead of a ton of pyros to ignite the hidden



I love the stupid combination mods, a lá Randomizer x10

and this actually sounds pretty sweet

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