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TF2 servers suggestions

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Hi! I would really enjoy a Randomizer server, but you know, the good one. There's loads of different randomizer servers, but there was one (which is dead now, thanks, Valve) that was working properly. It had mostly working weapons animations, you saw what your opponents were using, and etc. If there was a way to somehow recreate THAT - it would be totally awesome.


Also, EU server would be real sweet. 

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Tf2 zombies or Hightower with idle, x10, trade or randomizer. Freak Fortress x10 would be nice. The Hidden would be nice, where a spy with invincible try to kill all the players in Team RED. He has a blink power, if he stabs someone his invisibility or if he will blink his invisibility would fade shortly. He has a ton of health, with BOO power and a health and a stamina located at the bottom of the HUD. If he stabs somebody, he will regenerate a little of his health. Go watch this video here: 



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3 hours ago, 354hamtaro said:

Everything good's been suggested already <_<

I would suggest UberUpgrades, but 1. It can sometimes get too insane 2. The plugin is still WIP, and you can only download an older plugin.


So, how about a Halloween maps-only server?

I'd love me some Halloween :rolleyes:


Or how about a 2nd custom maps server, but with the more insane and stupid maps, like TrainSawLaser or WubWubWub?


10 hours ago, Team Pyrokip said:

All the actually good gamemodes have been posted ;-;

Uberugrades is fun if someone isn't abusing widowmaker.

Balloon Race, smash fortress, and tower defense are fun too


Ham plz stop copying me

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21 minutes ago, ℛ. Toste said:

Mann vs Sentry:

-Payload Map

-Red team has Engineer Bots building sentries

-Blu Team has real life players attacking

Ehh.. As someone who likes to train with bots (bad connection on my end mostly) I have to say that Bots (esspecially engies) are way to easy to outplay, making that gamemode pretty one sided in my opinion.

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Just a backthought. Maybe do some partnerships with other servers or communities which might save the problem with creating a new server (if that is a problem ofc)


Otherwise I'd love a randomizerx10 mode


Also stop that tank is an amazing game mode that needs more recognition

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8 minutes ago, zaphod beeblebrox said:

As I stated earlier, it would be neat if the server switched game modes, switches could be announced in the Scrap.tf group. 


Announcements about switching game modes could also be done via public raffles or even a public announcement on the home page of ScrapTF. Either way, I like this idea.

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1 hour ago, theneoglitch said:

I know people are really wanting class wars, and I do too (and a Zombies style one may not be that bad) but I would also like randomizers because it's kinda exciting to see what weapons you'll end up getting!


(And WubWubWub)

No WubWubWub. gotta take into account some users may actually suffer from epilepsy.

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