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Guidelines - Read here before posting a suggestion!



We are delighted that you feel passionate enough about Scrap.TF to provide a suggestion. Suggestions are important to us -- they provide an effective way for the community to provide us feedback, and also allow us to gauge how much interest there is in implementing a certain feature. They introduce concepts to us that we may never have thought of! That being said, just because a suggestion is well-received by other users, does not necessarily mean it will be implemented. There are many considerations we take when deciding whether to accept or reject a suggestion, and popularity is just one factor -- it is not the deciding factor. There are also some restrictions on the type of suggestions we put for consideration, so before we begin...


What not to suggest

  • New types of banking/new services -- we have a pretty solid idea of what services are available to add, and will add them when we see fit.
  • Gambling/betting related services -- under no circumstances will these be added to Scrap.TF. Not ever.
  • A "join all raffles" button -- it has been suggested time and time again and will not be implemented.
  • Suggestions that benefit only a select group of users (e.g special priorities for donors) -- suggestions should benefit all users in some form, anything else is no fun.

Any suggestions such as these will be immediately rejected.


Check if your idea has already been suggested

  • Make sure to check the accepted and rejected sub-forums to see if your suggestion has already been made! If it has, then please don't remake it.
  • Make sure to check the suggestions forum itself to see if there is already a pending suggestion similar to your idea. If there is, then add your discussion to that thread! It will be much more valuable to us than making your own topic.
  • If you have done both of these, and you can not see any topic resembling your idea, then continue on!



  • Titles are very useful to convey your idea in a short and attractive way. They should be concise, easily readable, and give a general outline on what your idea is about.
  • Titles should be relevant to your idea. Titles such as "New Suggestion!" do not convey your idea very well.
  • Click-bait titles are heavily discouraged. Nobody wants to read "You won't BELIEVE what I have to suggest!".



  • You should aim to convey your idea as clearly as possible.
  • If your explanation is long-winded, including a condensed or summarized version at the end of your post is highly recommended.
  • If you find that your explanation is too wordy, breaking it up into paragraphs or even bullet points is highly recommended.
  • Use of diagrams/pictures is encouraged to help clarify your point.
  • Spell check! It's a small thing -- but means a lot.



  • There is no official guideline nor format on how to structure your suggestion, it is entirely up to you how you want to explain your idea!
  • That being said, using a good structure in your suggestion is key to making sure that it is legible! Small things such as keeping images together and having them at a reasonable scale, or emboldening text to emphasize a point goes a long way.
  • We highly recommend you make little use of font features such as colors. Nobody wants to read a suggestion written in blazing orange text!


Submit your idea

  • By submitting your idea, you are making it known to the entire community (or at least those that check these forums).
  • We encourage feedback, whether it's positive or negative, on all suggestions -- so be prepared for some constructive criticism.
  • We encourage you to refine your idea based on this feedback as it will only help improve the chances of it being accepted.
  • We do not tolerate abuse under any circumstances. Insulting the creator, suggestion, or other toxic behavior will result in action being taken against the offender.
  • If your idea is rejected then please don't take it personally. Suggestions can be rejected for a variety of reasons, and we will aim to provide a clear and concise reason for why it was rejected. We hope that, if your suggestion is rejected, it won't dissuade you from making more in the future!


Thank you for reading all this, and thank you for your interest in bettering Scrap.TF. We wish you the best on your suggestion, and hope to see it accepted!

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