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  2. trying to sell items for metal and im getting a trade error saying that i didnt accept the accept button fast enough?????
  3. i can't trade with ScrapTF and other bots in bp.tf the offer always gets cancelled is this a bug or is trading down at the moment?
  4. Yesterday
  5. I'll try my best to answer this but I'm not the best with unusuals 1) Unusuals are hats that have special effects added to them like adding love hearts to a hat or putting it on fire 2) Through just buying it or trading up for it slowly 3) Maybe get a cheap all class unusual that doesn't look too bad? (everything from here could be wrong) 4) It's only cosmetic 5) I think it would be better to go all class but maybe if you only play a certain class then just get one for that class 6) Weapons I feel like they are hardly noticable on so you should get em on hats and taunts I hoped this helps
  6. Hello, and welcome to my first post on this forum. I have a few questions about unusuals, some are for everyone who wants to know what they are, and also what would be good buys/ones to get to start. Everyone is welcome to share input/answer, etc. 1) What are unusuals? 2) How can I get an unusual? 3) If I wanted to, what would be a good one to get without breaking the bank per say? 4) Does unusuals affect gameplay or is it strictly cosmetic? 5) With unusuals, is it better to go for all class or specific class? 6) To go along with 5), is it better to go for taunts, hats, weapons, etc.?
  7. Last week
  8. S. Rocket Launcher: 18 ref Demo Kills: 47 ref Solly Kills: 49 ref Explosive Jumping Kills: ~40 ref For the whole combo, I would say between 2 keys + 25~42 ref
  9. Now it disappeared, it seems that it just needed some time
  10. So I completed a trade but the popup refuses to go away even on other pages (as shown on the screenshots) and thus I can't make other trades because "I'm already in a queue". If I click on the "open trade offer" it redirects me to a trade that's no longer valid because I accepted it. What should I do? Is anyone here who experienced this?
  11. I'm aware that the medals will come during a future update. However, I'm unsure that I will receive one as I haven't appeared there after 1 minute of waiting... How long did you wait to show up / did I do something wrong? I put my Steam Profile link and "Love from the TF2 Community!" in the optional messages and the link only in names.
  12. This happens pretty often, phishing scams of course. [Btw Should Have Censored The Link.]
  13. I recieved a friend request from a random person, accepted it, and they sent this. Not being a dumbass, I didn't click the link, but please understand that it's 100% a scam.
  14. Auctions were disabled as a result of the API being unstable, since you know, that meant inventories wouldn't load and so you weren't going to be able to bid/pay bids. As the API came back up yesterday and seems to be a bit more stable for now, it's likely auctions will be enabled again soon.
  15. Fr, what the hell is going on, I'd figure a pandemic would absolutely be the time to capitalize on trading, was there like some vulnerability that allowed people to steal things or like a bug fix being worked on? Bc otherwise I can't think of any logical reason for this.
  16. There's a few things you can do to start off, but the two basic options are trading with bots and trading with actual humans on trade servers. Trading with bots basically entails looking at backpack.tf, scrap.tf, trade.tf etc. and looking for price differences that net you around 1 ref at best per trade. It's hard to find these trades and its kinda grindey to keep doing this for any substantial amount of time but it's instant and doesnt require any human interaction. Secondly, you can hang around trade servers and just trade everyone you can. Seriously, just wait for someone to send out a deal in the chat. Be alert and see if you can find any good deals, especially on items with no 'clear' value (like painted items) or items with a lot of difference between buy and sell orders so its less likely that bots can undercut you. Even if a deal doesnt seem that great in the beginning, stay patient and you might very well still walk away with a great deal. In trade servers you also often see people wanting to buy your trading cards and cs:go cases. What they do is they buy them for a few scrap and sell them on the community market for a small (but percentually reasonable) profit. I found that its incredibly hard to get a trade this way and kinda obnoxious to have someone spam in the chat ' Buying trading cards for 0,44 ref' but it's something you can give a shot. Low tier trading really is a grind, but if you pull through it can also be very fun when you get a good deal! I am not sure why and how you exactly want invest with one key, but I wish you the best of luck in your trading journey!
  17. I've been off from tf2 for a year or two, last week i decided to come back full force. Me, beeing a collector, decided to go straight to the auctions tab of scrap.tf to snipe a few interesting items. Soon enought I got my heart completly shattered! Coming from someone who created nearly 8000 auctions I felt like giving up on the game just a few hours of coming back. I heard something here and there and I'm aware that this is not intended to be permanent, but still I can't help but feel that the days of lurking in auctions page to snipe some fancy items is long gone. I just wanna say that scrap.tf has been huge for me and I'm really thankful I found this comunity. Thanks to everyone and I'll see you all again when/if auctions come back Much love ❤️
  18. I've recently started trading and started myself off with 50 ref. What i'm trying to do is get to 58 ref so I can get a key and invest. Does anyone know any tips for low tier trading?
  19. Looks like it's up and running again!
  20. And there is one guy with "autobuy" bot who is taking all parts form over year I think. On his avatar he got kivi bird. And they did't ban him yet (from year)
  21. I don't think there is a way to delete a post, sorry 😕
  22. Earlier
  23. The only other thing I could find about it was backpack.tf having the same problem. Apparently it's a rate limit for 3rd parties so that's why everything seems fine on Steam while external sites are struggling to access the API.
  24. Damn that sucks :/ i don't get how or why the API is down since i can't find any information about it anywhere, no one is talking about it..
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