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  2. I keep trying to sell keys but it says, “you do not have any keys.” I do have keys can anyone help?
  3. I keep trying to sell keys but it says, “you do not have any keys.” I do have keys can anyone help?
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  5. Okay, I have absolutely no idea how possible or impossible this is, but it's worth a shot. What if there was a setting that allowed you to put your own personal emote to use in scrap.tf? How it could work: You could set a picture up to 128x128 in the settings page somewhere, and the emote could definitively be called something like :personal: (or :personal0:, :personal1:, :personal2: in the case that having multiple is possible), and everyone who uses :personal: will have the emote they've set to show up. When others use the :personal: emote, you will be able to see what they have set for it. If no picture is set up, a default picture can show up instead. This could allow people to use an emote that wouldn't be accepted in Custom Emote Suggestions due to the large number of emotes that already exist, which is also due to the number of personal emotes that have already been accepted.
  6. Can someone please give me a rocket jumper? It is my birthday please.
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  8. That serves the purpose for visibility if you're using it with dark theme tho. either way If they don't add it that's fine, I just made it so it could be accepted or consider to be added.
  9. Ok done, I made it a circle and it also has a transparent background
  10. Last week
  11. A lot of people like backpack.tf because it's where you go to sell your for items pure instantly which can turn into real cash from selling keys to steam market(another player) Marketplace I find is just another reference for backpack or guideline/trade history. (Homework basically) Scrap.tf takes patience to sell your items and a lot of people don't have that. I disagree with the trading convenience because there's paint bidders/items can be overpriced. You have to be MEGA careful when selling your items. Scrap.tf is really great for raffles and BIDDING on auctions because sometimes you can get a good deal or swap your items for another item. Strongly recommend coming here if you have strong patience and browse for deals, teaches you the basics about doing research and trading. Strongly won't recommend selling your own items due to item value scammers. If you're talking about trading convenience as it's done by a bot and you can set your IF(overpay) level to w/e you want then sure, convenience is the right word. And I'm pretty sure the bot says "don't use me as a bank"
  12. Check backpack.tf and other market places and see the trade history.
  13. It has to have a transparent background
  14. It does have a white background behind it.
  15. I have a feeling when this becomes smaller, it'll be barely visible to some people (especially does who use dark theme) , I suggest having the robloxian head in it to have better chances of getting in the emote wheel, well, that's what I think.
  16. Ok I want to suggest this again, as it is very different from the previous one. :chill: please
  17. (yes, i did pull a sneaky on the title, thanks for asking) So i was casually entering raffles and... ok nevermind who cares about the context i just think there should be an option to make entered raffles invisible.
  18. Nah, no complaints here. Was a very nice event!
  19. Increase the item limit you can donate Make the rematch happen earlier Set a minimum total value limit for the gift Make it so that only people who have been on scrap.tf for like, 30 out of the last 60 days, can partecipate to the event. A lot of people join, confirm their entry, and ignore the event until the end.
  20. Was good for me. The only thing I find annoying is the "Please don't spam" message But then again, if this limit is removed, some people probably WILL spam.
  21. The event in general was a really nice experience for me. Though there's a change I'd like to suggest, which while it may sound too extreme, I think is a more necessary thing for this kind of events. That is, forbidding the use of any kind of metal (Scrap Metal, Reclaimed Metal and Refined Metal) as a possible choice when selecting gifts. In my more honest opinion, this event should be more about talking with your recipient and getting to know them, so you can get a more personalized gift than just dropping a piece of metal and call it a day. A lot of users have problems with that every year, and while this doesn't solve problems like getting just a random hat as a gift, this will make the users that either just quickly give a piece of metal to avoid being banned and then disappear for the rest of the event, or users that wait until last day to send a gift, to put at least some effort on the event and the gift. TLDR: The point of this event is getting a personalized gift for your recipient after talking and getting to know him, and that's not achievable with Metal.
  22. Sometimes people were just unresponsive and didnt talk, which was annoying. Maybe if there some way to encourage communication?
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