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  3. i bought 7 keys to get the killstreak kit but it seems like i cant get it
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  6. Yeah, this bot have this issue for months, 500k+ cards on its inventory and 0 available sets all the time. It seems like bot can't load badges because of the huge amount of cards or something.
  7. But i'm kinda looking for cheap Strange Australium Ambassador and will to sell my strange Ambassador that have heavy kills strange part and selling a fresh damage dealt part and it does look like 5.83 keys. No refined required or any metal. Just selling those.
  8. Hey! I'm new to trading and i have this Strange Knife with engineer's killed part on it, and i was wondering for how much i can sell it for
  9. i like the idea of adding a charge meter for the energy ball, or atleast make it more expensive to fire, right now it's stupidly unbalanced and you can just spam the thing while on the cart, and the hitbox is so huge you only need to aim in the general direction and that's it, no projectiles are coming from that way, and it also deletes sticky traps through walls, so yeah not a fan of that weapon tbh, i honestly hope it gets nerfed to the ground
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  11. Thanks for fix the problem whit the ip, i am very greatiful.聽

  12. Scout: Force-A-Nature Stock Pistol Boston Basher Soldier: Direct Hit Stock Shotgun The Escape Plan
  13. diabeetus


  14. I'm trying to level up my steam profile and use the "auto-leveler" feature to do so. Every time I go to try to use this feature it says that they aren't any cards for sale. When I go to the "browse manually" section it shows that there are indeed cards for sale... Any help?
  15. Mine would be: Pyro: Backburner Scorch Shot Powerjack and Stock Panic Attack Powerjack (Neon on 2fort) Defense Engi: Rescue/Panic Circuit/Stock Jag Battle Engi: Panic/Frontier Stock Gunslinger Soldier: Cow Mangler Concheror/Panic Attack/Gunboats Disciplinary Action Medic: Overdose Stock/Vacc Ampotato/Ubersaw Heavy: Tomislav Sandvich/Banana/Dalokohs G.R.U What about yours?
  16. after thinking about it more, I have come to the conclusion that rainbow six siege actually sucks.
  17. its a cool game i think.
  18. hewwo this is mon, mon boring really sleepy, mon has nothing more to offer zzzzzzz

  19. Megumin

    Trade ban

    My account was stolen so I had to delete steam guard,now I have trade ban. Not sure if I'll be able to trade items from my site inventory. What do I do?
  20. That was actually kind of your problem, you need to check all the sites in order of buy an item just to see which is selling for less, also the price could have change in the time you keep it, unless you try to flip it in which case you should have looked more sites either wat
  21. behi

    the truth

    faggots go get a life
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