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  3. i tried to autosell parts but the trade only offered 3 parts that i had not all of them, and how do i check if something is overstocked i cant tell?
  4. Like why does scrap.tf blacklist some items in auctions?
  5. Last week
  6. I looked on the market and I couldn't find anything. I have 3 ref (heard that's the price for these), and was wondering if anyone had any, I just want my Pyrovision Goggles back
  7. ok so my main got vac banned for no reason and i was wondering if i can make my new account the owner of this account
  8. I think the oddball keys are under the miscellaneous item section, with paints and such, were you checking there?
  9. So I have 2 Hales own weapons but I don’t really use them anymore so I’m thinking of selling 1 or both of them. I need help making the decision. Should I sell One of them, Both or none?
  10. Earlier
  11. I kinda lack a phone at the moment, but I won an auction. What should I do, and will I get in trouble?
  12. Hey Jesse,


    I got blocked on marketplace.tf somehow. I didn't done anything, I just access the site and cloudflare blocked me.


    I need help pls


    I send you a friend request on steam so we can talk in private(If you want or need to)

    1. Naleksuh


      Yeah, Cloudflare is like that XD Nothing you can do but beg them to take the site off Cloudflare.

  13. So I am gonna rate comp after 1 30 second game, on Color, New Stuff, Gameplay, and Overall Color: Same as normal TF2 New Stuff: There are new voice lines, other than that normal TF2 Gameplay: Unless you’re good at the game(I am not) don’t play, but I could actually talk ingame so yeah. Overall: Out of 10. 2/10 Not that fun if you’re not good. Actually scratch that not fun at all
  14. Bought a TS + Tornado Professional Killstreak Flame Thrower Kit for 26 keys and 20 ref, sold it for 36 keys after two weeks
  15. I donated exactly $5 worth of my stuff to scrap.tf and didn't get my medal. I already wrote to the support services about this, but they did not answer me
  16. Valve never said that being premium is what allows you to chat, or disclosed anything about how it works really 😕
  17. i want to sell 9 violet vermin key , but scrap .tf isn't showing when i want to sell them . do you know why ? if you know pleas response to this post
  18. Thank god someone finally decided to speak up about Manor Of Fun.
  19. A friend gave me a premium upgrade, but I can’t seem to talk in official servers. Do I have to actually buy something in the mannco store or is there something I’m missing?
  20. up! https://steamcommunity.com/id/sikso4/ https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=1028051638&token=E7koCtpj New Rare gift Transformers: War for Cybertron Mess me in PM steam, or steam trade offfer
  21. One of your keys is currently untradable, probably because you bought it recently, you will have to wait a little, steam says it will be tradable after "Tuesday, September 20, 2022 (7:00:00) GMT"
  22. hi so im trying to buy a mannrobics on scrap.tf but when it makes me go to queue it removes me cuz i dont have enough pure even though i do have the keys and ref required, why happen
  23. This is a pretty good guide: https://scrap.tf/raffles/270VQR
  24. Just wondering how people do custom formatting (colors, etc) in raffles and comments
  25. 15 refined for 1 key = End of skin section?
  26. I’m confused on trade holds, I checked steam, still confused. I’m currently in a Trade hold with someone but Instead of 15 Days its 2 and I’m not friends with the person, so I don’t understand why it’s like that
  27. I think he's the best woa
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