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  3. You can't do that because you can't buy tradable games anymore, Valve discontinued this feature years ago
  4. Please help me. I am so confused right now. Scrap.tf has this built in game selling system where you can trade keys for the games in your gift inventory. This is great stuff, but not without concerns. What if I bought a game like Half-Life 2 on steam right here, right now. Currently, with the steam summer sale, Half-Life 2 has a price of 1.99 USD, with a base price of 9.99 USD. Here's the problem: Scrap.tf tells me they will buy it from me (from what I can tell) for 2 keys and 55 refined metal. When converting that metal into USD, that becomes about 4.30 USD. So if I buy Half-Life 2 for 2 dollars, and I recieve 4.30 instantaneously after buying it, I make a profit of 2.30 USD??? Infinite money glitch IRL? I need somebody to tell me if what I am saying is right, because it's got me going crazy. And if this is right, I would like to know if this is a problem for or with Scrap.tf (it probably isn't a problem, probably)
  5. Ok nvm dont answer now cuz its fixed
  6. Help the site is still saying confirming trade even i already declined it i cant trade because it always says your on queue and i dont know how to fix it
  7. Earlier
  8. Well to scam you need to lie and I don’t think these bots are capable of conversation
  9. idk i feel like it would be possible please tell me if you cant
  10. It was temporarily locked in preparation for an event, should be open now tho
  11. Hai, there was a small event the moment you wanted to enter
  12. Where is all battle-worn mvm items. They all in 0. Maybe bots buying? Or autofabrication, or tf2 whales))). But when i see that in past time 3-4 days back, this all been in 100-200 amount, min 40+-.
  13. im new, sorry if this is an annoying question but why is it locked? please dont be rude, just explain
  14. https://www.teamfortress.tv/61677/british-commonwealth-announcement#3 E-Commonwealth British Games '22 (First EVER) MOBA, Rocket League & eFootball. Does this sound like modern e-Sports to you? No? Read https://dropbox.com/s/tbpdh1x2jugtw6a/Commonwealth%20%2722%20Links%20and%20Stats.txt?dl=0… Better e-Sports for the whole world. Rocket League doesn't represent CS:GO, Valorant and TF2. Kick up a fuss.
  15. Hello legends. I have seen the OFFICIAL Commonwealth games being put forward for August Birmingham 2022. eFootball, Dota 2 and Rocket League. https://olympics.com/en/news/commonwealth-esports-championships-birmingham-2022-games-titles Not one of said titles, is a first-person-shooter, which is the number one retention gaining category outside of Asia since the 2000s. I understand that this is beyond time-frames and bookings, but a lot of others, and myself, believe this is an absolute direct injustice towards those who have have focused their entire efforts towards CS:GO, VALORANT, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Team Fortress 2, and the upcoming Overwatch 2. ALL Games that require a mix of strategy and brain stimulation, particularly team coordination, (see FaZe, OpTic & NiP e-Sports CAPTAINS), and physical discipline. eSports UK Colleges from NI, Scotland, Wales and England, help perpetuate these FPS e-Sports cultures in an ever-growing market and life-style, that are inevitably the future. Teaching body nutrition, mental coping mechanisms and fame-grounding measures (De-assertiveness training) These are the substantial efforts where e-sports diplomas and degrees go to. NA/AU Members, this may seem irrelevant to yourselves. But this is the FIRST "season" OF OFFICIAL COMMONWEALTH E-SPORTS. If we can let them know there is a demand for FPS games, we will have substantiated our point. Thank you, thank yourself. Do not harass, simply post that you wish to see a shooter game in the literal nation leagues. //OnlineImageCollection
  16. heh, found out my profile was reported as a bug 5 years ago by Captain Duckhead. Funny :P

  17. i have this conniver's kunai but it dont show upp to sell it has a name tag, a description tag and kilstreak on it its commercializable and tradable
  18. i think she's very epic
  19. Aussie force of nature 16 keys Name-worthless Strange parts (50ref+70ref+20ref) However, since the parts are applied to the weapon they have 20%-50% of thier value. Since Crit kills and not crit kills count the same thing thier value is less together. Price Suggestion : 16keys 28 refined.
  20. You crafted it with untradable metal made from an untradable hat. If you want your craft to be tradeable you have to craft it with tradeable metal. Tradeable metal is made from smelting tradeable weapons.
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