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  2. Ideally, an off-shore oil rig and a server setup to go along with a chopper or plane and the highest end gaming rig on the market; And no, this is in no way suspicious as a request as it may appear...
  3. I know how to play the pyro man and that's basically it
  4. You're just delaying the inevitable.
  5. Depends on what you're trying to improve: Scout's unpredictability, Rocket Jumping, Puff-n-Sting combo-ing, landing direct hits with Grenade Launcher, how to last longer with Heavy, strategic Engi spots, how to be a better medic, getting better aim as Sniper, or becoming a skilled Spy. Just click on my profile, go to " profile", which should bring you to my profile, and next to the report button is the Steam Profile button. It'll open my steam profile, and friend me for any assistance.
  6. As the title says, I want a tf2 player to teach me tricks. I'm trying to get better in all the classes. Please only post if your someone who is very good at playing and teaching, I dont want people who are worse than me at the game trying to teach me. My steam name is cooldude34u. Send me a friend request if you think you can teach me. Thanks for reading!
  7. Probably will be priced by your trade.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Would it perhaps be possible to utilize's Item history feature or some other log instead of bots directly communicating with each other? Just a quick check if the item has been owned by a user going by the name of Bot or something.
  10. So I recently traded for a terror-watt Bedouin Bandana and am having difficulty determining a price for it, could someone help me out and give me a ballpark range for it's price?
  11. Added. As explained here we can't allow any trades without mobile auth:
  12. U Sure?
  13. As a solution for people without mobile authenticator, maybe there should be an option to use your own site inventory in auctions.
  14. It's to prevent spamming of raffles. No one wants hundreds of single fabricator raffles.
  15. The Boston Breakdance,maining scout and its the only taunt i dont have for him D:
  16. Strange Professional killstreak Singularity Jag. Yes, I know it's only 5 keys. I'm poor ;~;
  17. Same here
  18. So recently I just had three auctions in a row in which the top bidders did not pay up. Extremely annoying, as I have to wait out the day long allowance for finishing the bid before I can make another one. This is (not really) any fault of the bidders, however. I have spoken to all three of them on Steam, and it turns out none of them had their mobile auth on. I would like to propose that a small little modification be added to the popup that appears before bidding in an auction, something like " If you win this auction you have 24 hours to trade us the items that you have selected. This means that you must have steam mobile authentication active before you bid, else you may not be able to finish the bid and receive your items at the end of the auction. " Cheers if this is added. Have a nice day!
  19. Some people want to create fast raffles, so they make them 50/50, 30/30, etc. I do it all the time with my raffles with /100 participants, so everyone participating has a 1% of winning.
  20. i personally don't understand why the raffle limit is necessary in my opinion i think you should remove it but y'all know its just my opinion right
  21. It is a better idea to just implement "Donator hats", which can be earned through separate donations. You "Donate"(A.K.A Buy it because you get something in return but if you use the word buy people won't do it unless if they had lots of money lying around collecting dust) for them in the Donate Page via a button or a Donator Hats page.
  22. I've seen too much auction suggestions. And I suggest "Live" auctions. How will this work? It's just like regular auctions, but: -The starting time is not long, probably only around 5-10 minutes at most -The auctioneer must ALWAYS be present during the auction -For each bid time will be added, but only for like 20-60 seconds* -The auctioneer will be able to choose a winning bid -The auctioneer may communicate with some of the bidders, probably through chat(Because comments are public and slow) *Note: This idea can be replaced with "rounds", which will be explained later. Why should this be implemented? First, if you have searched down the suggestions(And the rejected-s too), you'll see a LOT of auction suggestions like these. This is just implementing all of them in one. Second, this will prevent snipers and terrible bids(Which is also a part of the sentence above) But that each-time-added-for-a-bid suggestion has been rejected! Then we can replace it with another idea, which is rounds. If there are two or more bids in a "live" auction, the auction will enter a second round. Once an auction enters the second round, it will immediately be unlisted, and only the previous bidders can bid. If the second round also has two or more bids, then the auction will enter a third round, and so on. But then what if the bidders are extremely cheap, like when they all have 5 keys each, and they only surpass others by a scrap? This rarely happens. And even if it does, the auctioneer can select a number of "Maximum Rounds", which cannot be less than 2, but can be infinite. It'll take AGES to implement! Let us wait. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  23. As far as I know Geel is the only one that can fix this and he seems to be giving auctions barely any attention at all. He can't do much at this moment due to personal reasons, but he might be able to in some months.
  24. i dont have my item s but im sleeping.i dont have button to trade with but thank
  25. Tried to make an auction for my smoking doctors sack but your bot took it away from me without even putting up an offer plz resond I invested alot into that unusual! I cant lose an unusual beacause your bot screwed up!

  26. Fixed. Also fixed the colors on popups like joining and edit rooms.
  27. First off: Brilliant job with the chat room, Jesse. It's a fine masterpiece. Now, the number of rooms open, it's perfect. It tells you how many devices people are on at once for each user. Unless you're on Lunar or Classic modes. The text for the amount of rooms open is barely visible on the white backgrounds and requires highlighting to see them well. Sure, you can see it to some degree but I think it's too close to white for it to be easily visible My idea is that you either change the "devices being used" value to be a darker colour when on lunar or classic (the same colour as "On Mobile" is perfect) or change the light colour for all styles to a greyish one (again, the colour of the "On Mobile" is perfect.) I did some working around with inspect element and I found that #707070 is the perfect colour for black AND white. That's just my 2 cents, I think it would help the small amount of users that use styles so blinding. Thanks for taking this into consideration! Captain.
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