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  2. Basically, earlier I found a specialized killstreak silver botkiller MK.II sniper rifle, and I managed to grab it. But then a error popped up where the bot ran into a unexpected error, I did this two times and eventually someone else got it and then they managed to get an offer from the bot. This is kinda stupid because I got the item first, and the bot just rejected me and gave it to someone else, pretty much. So I think adding a item reservation is a good idea Can also solve errors like these that people have troubles with. Image was from Fighter5810 about his situation with these trade errors. ===How It Works?=== If you buy any item(s) as usual. Everything will run as normal, however if you get a error message, you will be given an option to reserve the item(s) or return them back to stock with the others, rather than just slapping them back in, allowing others to steal from you. However, you can only reserve one list of the items you ordered, if you ordered another list of item(s) then it will replace your current reserved items, and return them back to stock. I think this will be useful, it will allow players to get their profit and items the less stupidity way, and people wont be able to steal items when the first person who claimed them, was me or that particular person. I also see this across the website, as people who grab profitable items get these errors, because they are very soon returned back to stock, then the entire website ends up fighting over this one item...
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  6. Personally i think it should be 4.44 ref, The Plaid Potshotter Mk.II Claidheamh mór has a field tested and factory new one both in free lance grade, and the field tested one is 3.55 ref while the factory new one is a ref above it, 4.55 ref. There's already a Autumn Mk.II Claidheamh mór thats also free lance grade and field tested so why not just give the factory new one the same treatment as the Plaid Potshotter Mk.II Claidheamh mór? I'm not really involved in the tf2 economics, I just want to sell my Autumn Mk.II Claidheamh mór thats factory new and free lance grade. BTW i read the guidelines and I'm not sure if this falls under new types of banking, so sorry if this does. But discuss the pricing for this, if it isn't against the guidelines.
  7. Basically sometimes steam has trouble finding the item I believe and wont send the trade offer and shows error message on site whilst the item goes back into the store for purchase again. If this is happening there should be a way to reserve the item if you pay a little bit extra or something so you don't have to sit for 30 mins to make sure you get the item you want.
  8. I suck at digital media


  9. Team fortress 2's development state as of the writing of this reply, in my eyes. Is they are nearly done frying bigger fish and the tf2 development team are soon to get back to tf2 after half life alyx. Watch this:https://youtu.be/zpmjnqSFUYE
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  11. huh, I guess I'm the only one to reply to this forum post honestly, does anyone even uses this forum? well, sadly I couldn't even buy the DLC since I'm broke I watched the trailer and the reviews though I think it looks nice, it's a nice break from the dark and pale looking maps I like the new police outfits and voices, they did a great job at the screaming I wonder how the heisters will answer the pagers now though, since they don't speak spanish overall, I think the devs did a good job on this one I'm now just patiently waiting for Payday 3
  12. Could you please add RPG Maker VX Ace? ^^
  13. Noticed a lack of Cake emotes for wishing people happy birthday (besides a muffin). So I hope it's not too blurry. :cake:
  14. Someones probably had this idea already but here we go
  15. i mean... all the notifcations are red..?
  16. (if someone made an topic about this, I apologize.) When someone replies to your comment, the notification appears red like you won a raffle or auction. I think that the notification color of it should be changed D:
  17. Please pay attention to the fact that things that cost less than 1 ref are not sold even when they are specialized killstreak or for example with a spell.
  18. :ancientpower: or :ancientpanwer:
  19. feels like it. suggestions is full of posts that haven't been resolved yet
  20. so you mean filter raffles by which ones you entered or not.
  21. people already abuse the reject bids button.
  22. I don't see what's bad about not being able to leave this type of raffle. People entering it would know that when they click the button they will either win the items or they don't. It would be like entering a raffle that hits max participants or when the timer is just about to stop. And when it comes to your second point, how is that a bad thing? My entire point was to suggest a raffle type that ends when someone gets lucky rather than the winner being selected at the end of the raffle. Yes, it could be 1 minute or it could be 5 hours. The only reason I suggested a time limit was to prevent the raffle page from getting cluttered with old raffles in case no one happens to win them. When the time limit stops the item would be returned to the raffler. It could be something like 1-3 days. I don't see how this version of raffles is any more "disappointing" than regular type raffles. The only difference is you'll know if you won instantly and not when the raffle timer ends. You could say the same thing about raffles with 1000 participant limit. I guess that's a good point but people could do the same thing with regular raffles too in an attempt to maximize their winning chances. I guess instantly knowing if you wont might encourage that though.
  23. I know it might be very smol. But I tried :Greengoof: Just converted it into the said size As it's made at a 54 x 54, and the emotes shown on scrap is 32 x 32 It won't be a big problem that it's a bit pixely here? (Original) 54 x 54 (Sizes up) 128 x 128
  24. But in chat it works completely fine with hats ans scarves
  25. This is too risky of a move because some would abuse by creating multiple account and faking IP addresses to bypass a ban
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