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  2. It isn't your fault. That scammer needs to jump off a cliff. Be careful with what they tell you. If it's too good to be true, stop the conversation!
  3. Where's my Hot Pocket?

  4. I'm looking for players. My friend code is H7JQH2
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  6. golden lootbug so silly!!!!


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  8. The best you can do is learn from it so it never happen again, it's always a hard blow when stuff like that happens, but is not the end of the world, a lot of big traders were scammed when they were starting. So in short learn about the most common scamming methods, never accept a trade for something that isn't on the trade offer itself, always double check the items and the values and always be careful with where you are signing in with your steam, if you haven't heard it better safe than sorry and if you did don't go there through a random link someone gave you without double checking the url to make sure it isn't a fake site imitating the original.
  9. Same thing happened to me. i hope there's some kind of compensation for this https://scrap.tf/auctions/3FFZMX
  10. There should be some form of compensation, its not our faults that the site made a mistake at pricing that item. I believe if we were paid out our min bid that would be fair or something. It just really sucks because that was all I had and its gone now.
  11. https://scrap.tf/auctions/ZVGIPP Glad to hear that. Is there any form of recourse for me to recoup some of the losses or is it gone for good now that the person has withdrawn the item?
  12. Basically the title. I had an auction listed at 80% IF for a Strange Unusual Degreaser and a buy out of 130 keys; for some insane reason, this was offered to me at an estimated value of TWO HUNDRED KEYS. This instantly purchased my item and I had no opportunity to dispute it. I assume I have no means of recourse as the person has "paid" but I'd at least like to let staff know about this absolute disaster of a mispricing. Remember to never use an item factor and a buy out together lads!
  13. so silly lmao

    gupping rn fr fr


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  15. so sorry man. at least you learned!!! <3
  16. There is not enough data so it's unpriced. You can wait or create an auction and see how it goes.
  17. The worst part is you can report them but Steam can't give your items back
  18. Hello! I just got started my first post. You've probably seen me comment on raffles. Rarely I make my own raffles. We can get along, right? Good!
  19. Excessive Heat Warning!

  20. 2 weeks, just enough to allow steam guard to wake up
  21. First of all, I want to know how and where I can see the black list of items for auction? Secondly, why does the number of items in the Black List change all the time and other players can use those items that I cannot?
  22. I've recently changed my steam guard and not able to trade for some time. I also won a raffle and can't claim the item because of trade restriction. How much time to claim the item?
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