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  4. Custom emote suggestions

    :etgrobot: Ya reading this, Charz?
  5. Missing emotes

  6. Missing emotes

    There used to be an emote called fume which was a neferpitou emote from the anime hunter x hunter the emote used to look like this , however when i used it in my scrap.tf bio it did not work and instead came up with a different emote. It also works on the forums for some reason
  7. Weapon creation within the bots

    Problems: -How would a bot do that? -Why would a bot use 0.55 ref to craft a 0.05 ref weapon?
  8. Custom emote suggestions

    :kubrow: https://i.imgur.com/iFuXk2h.png :clem: https://i.imgur.com/o5RfODJ.png :bandicute: https://i.imgur.com/sbxhgML.png
  9. Weapon creation within the bots

    I have noticed that the weapon banking bots have weapons with a lot of stock (i.e: Concheror), and other that have low stock (i.e: Rocket Jumper) I was thinking the the bots use extra weapons to craft weapons. Here's what I was thinking: Bot takes weapons (i.e: Bison & Mantreads) Makes token with said weapons Uses token to craft weapon Sell weapon It could (hopefully) increase the stock of some weapons. And if the bot creates a higher value weapon, an admin could take or something. Is it good, or is it a horrible idea that needs to be burned?
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  11. Game recommendations?

    Dark souls saga
  12. Best unusual effect?

    Dead presidents
  13. A new type of auctions to try prevent sniping.

    To address your problems, I had thought of solutions. For 1 & 2, the system could change, so anyone can join or leave an auction as they please. That will allow people to leave if anything happens, or if they don't want to bid anymore. Remove the limit so that Anyone can join in an ongoing auction to bid. There could also be a feature where the auctioneer requires a certain amount of people to join before starting the countdown, so that there isn't only one person bidding. For 3, a system can be set, so that there could be a timer (say, it has a 2 Minute Countdown), that when someone bids, it resets the timer back to whatever time is set, to allow others to bid on the auction. This will preventing sniping, and allow users time to bid if they please after being out bid. (Example: A Timer starts at 3 minuites. When the timer gets down to 30 seconds left someone bids. The timer resets to 3 minuites, and the previously top bidder gets notified.)
  14. A new type of auctions to try prevent sniping.

    Going by the image's description of this potential new auction type, I can see a couple of issues existing. 1. The Live part, a lot of people just can't afford that, I've seen a lot of bidders and auctioneers go offline basically as soon as they bid on an auction or create an auction. Not to mention that IRL things could also make you not be able to participate on the Live Auction as much as you'd want to. 2. Choosing how many people you'll "let in" your Auction. This can be bad for both the Bidders and Auctioneers. Imagine wanting to bid on an auction for an item you really want but the limit of people that can enter has already been reached. Or imagine that the people you let in are just "bad" bidders who will either bid super low amounts or just bid once then not bid again, resulting in you losing profit. 3. Bidding open until time runs out, with this Snipers could just do what they already do, bid at the last seconds to ensure no one else can bid and the auctioneer can't reject their bids in time. ALSO. I'm pretty sure a "Live Auction" has already been suggested and rejected before.
  15. While getting auction sniped for the 5th time this week I thought to myself, "What if there was a new type of auction, kind of like how a normal auction would go?" I would like to suggest a new form of auction, "Live Auctions", where a person puts multiple items into their site inventory, and auctions them off one by one, one after another. The image goes through my idea of how the system would work. You could add yourself to auctions that you want to bid on through a tab on the auctions page, and get notified when they start. People could set how many people they want to have in the auction before it starts.
  16. The forums. a place to be!

  17. So I made a auction but all my demoman eye decals are showing as a ? Instead of the eyes. whats wrong with it?
  18. Don't understand what I mean? Let's say you bid on an auction and someone outbid you So you thought you no longer need to keep the item that you use to bid and decided to trade it away Later on, you open scrap.tf and was confused to see that you have won an auction even though you don't remember being the top bidder on any of the auction It turns out that the auctioneer has rejected the bidder's bid who have outbid you Because you no longer have the items you use to bid on that auction You're unable to make the payment and so receive the automatic ban given by the site This suggestion was made to decrease the chances of that happening So you would at least be able to: - ask the auctioneer to reject your bid - outbid your current bid - try retrieving the item back before its too late
  19. Tokens are displayed as 0.22 ref each in the global selling page but when the trade offer has been sent, the bot only pay 0.16 ref for the token each
  20. Remove the ability to add weapons to raffles

    it's not really 5 dollars as it is finding a penny on the ground. And sure, free is free. But for something you could just get by playing the game I don't see why people should be able to give that stuff away in raffles
  21. Option to Disable Tips on All Created Raffles

    why dis still not a thing xd
  22. Custom emote suggestions

    Also, this one was for Lord Smile but I put it together: :csdcrown:
  23. Custom emote suggestions

    Is that :csd3smile: on page 10 still good?
  24. Skin Trading

    They might be worth a good amount for you but if the site still has no price for them, you can't sell them, easy as that.
  25. Skin Trading

    With the new addition of War Paints and their weapons, there are a few things I'm wondering. A lot of my items are not trade-able with scrap.tf yet for "accurate prices". I thought it would be cleared up within a month or two but a lot of items are not listed. It's very annoying since I have 3+ skins I don't need at all that are worth goodish amounts for me.
  26. Changelog Scrap.TF Changelog

    Feb 21st: Added the beta all sell page. (Geel) Fixed layout of site announcements. Emotes
  27. Custom emote suggestions

    :scrm_chckn: I try a shour term for screaming_chicken
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