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  3. Hi ! I have two weapons, a Neo Tokyo crossbow and rocket launcher (pictures right here) but unpriced in scrap.tf Any idea of the price of theses stuff ? (Sorry for my english)
  4. Eminem had too much of Mom's Spaghetti.


    But at least he isn't chocking now.


  5. 1. A Favorites/Recently Used/etc. would definitely be great to have, have it be a star or something so it doesn't take a lot of space. 2. I think that yes, Tabs would really help to organize them, but I do disagree with the way you described it. With how you described it, there probably would be a dozen or so Tabs, taking a lot of space and likely ending up being a mess of their own. I think that they should just be: Animated, Blob, Other, TF2.
  6. As everyone who clicks on the Emote Tab when making a raffle can see, the thing is a mess. It's just an alphabetical wall-of-emoji that's hard to use, especially if you don't already know an emote's name. If a wall-of-text is considered an eye sore, then this should be too vvv That's why I feel the Emote Tab needs to be sorted into multiple categories. I also suggest a Favorites Tab that opens first, kinda like a 'homepage' of sorts. First, the categories. We can go by similar themes, like games the emotes are from. TF2 should get it's own slot, for example, as it has 39* emotes, even when excluding some related ones like and . Similar 'characters', like the Blobs, the CSD faces, and the Jantrans, can sort into three more categories. And so on with the other emotes, of course. This would make it easier for everyone to find most emotes that they need. No more searching for that one anime girl emote you saw but didn't catch the name of. Thanks to the new 'DDLC' tab, you found :natsukitsun: easily. *Fun fact, I actually counted wrong the first time. I might still be incorrect! This is what I mean when I call the current system a 'mess'. And now, the Favorites Tab. Upon opening the Emote Tab, you'll land on this category. At first it's empty, with a small textbot at the bottom. All you need to do it type in the name of the emotes you want, and they are now a 'Favorite'. Now you have easy access to it every time you make a raffle. A benefit of the Sorting System would be that emotes would not load until you open their tab. So it can even benefit anyone using mobile, since less emotes loaded = less data, right? (Okay, I don't know how that works, but I'm assuming the emote loading being reducing from a couple hundred to maybe fifteen would help out.) But anyway, instead of loading the whole gallery of emotes, you would be greeted to the much smaller Favorites Tab, cutting out all emotes irrelevant to you/your raffle. To recap and conclude, I suggest adding some organization to the Emotes Tab, along with a new Favorite System. While it's technically two separate ideas that can be split, I feel they go together well. And I hope they will be implemented soon enough. But for now, good day to you.
  7. Last week
  8. Add the option to comment on your own profile when it's locked considering you can't have photo's in the bios it'd be nice maybe it's just me but i think it'd be cool.
  9. I was goofing around with thermal thruster on payload and accidentally made a vital stategic move by taking out a near-uber medic by landing on his face. Didn't realise what was going on and why my teammates thanked me on voicechat since I died right after that. When it finally dawned on me, it was the one of the best moments of my life (which tells a lot).
  10. For marketplace.tf: Yesterday I updated the deposit items page to make the user confirm the bot's join date when confirming the trade on their mobile device. You can see that here https://marketplace.tf/deposit The issue on marketplace is once a user submits a trade offer to deposit their items, the hijacker will cancel that trade offer and make a new one to a fake account that they control. When the user goes to confirm that trade on their phone they would not notice the accounts were different (since they would use the same name). Making the user confirm the join date (which is much harder to copy) increases the security here as long as the user pays attention and actually checks it. Another case was where fake bots would send random trade offers to users taking their items and saying they would be deposited. We added a message to the main site to warn users that we will never do this and that they are completely fake. For scrap.tf: The situation here is a little less clear to me. I think what happens is hijackers will do the same thing in canceling legitimate trade offers from us, and then send a fake one to the user. On scrap.tf this is a much harder sell since you do all trade interaction on our site. As long as the user says on our site and clicks "Open Trade Offer" on this popup they will be shown the correct one from us. Here we warn the users to only use this button, and not their steam trade offers listing since that can be fooled with fake accounts. If the hijackers cancel our trade offer; the user will be shown this message warning them if they did not cancel it to check their account with these steps: https://scrap.tf/help/kb/213 I think these are both good solutions to mitigate the problem. The solution you talked about won't work because the hijacking occurs at the trade confirmation step, and less at the trade offer step. We also want to make things as simple as possible for vulnerable users to understand, as they are the ones most fooled by these attacks. It's hard for a lot of users to understand what went wrong here since in their mind they seamlessly traded with one of our bots, and don't want to believe that it was a fake.
  11. This is not a bug. Unfortunately you do share IPs with plenty of users.
  12. suddenly, i got hit by this error. my IP is mostly static, changing once a few weeks, and my IP hasn't changed in a week or two, so it looks like a bug on scrap's side... and not, i don't share my IP with any other users (to my knowledge)
  13. After just reading about a relatively new scam technique here https://forums.steamrep.com/pages/hijacking/, and how a god tier unusual got scammed from someone this way just the other day, it makes my blood boil at how difficult it is to catch it happening and I absolutely hate seeing people lose out on such things. I am no security expert, but I thought I might suggest adding a tool to help the user know they are in fact trading with legitimate marketplace.tf or scrap.tf bots by adding a popup with a link to the proper bot's steam profile, along with a message along the lines of "here is the steam profile of the bot that has sent you the trade offer. Verify that it is the same bot that you have received a trade offer from in your 'incoming offers' section. If the profiles do not match, DO NOT ACCEPT THE TRADE OFFER." It may be an effective way to counter the trade offer redirection scam. Take my suggestion at face value. I do not expect it to be implemented, but I would love to help out with the problem.
  14. This is a screenshot I took on mobile. Can you look at how the TINY "pin" button is literally sandviched between the "boot" and the "pm" button. Every time I wanna pin it's a gamble. Will I accidentally boot someone? Will I accidentally invite someone to a pm?
  15. Looking at the new changelog from today, I'm assuming this has now been fixed.
  16. But that's why you can/have to check what is the notification about. Also how exactly would that work with multiple notifications? What color would the box be if you got auction notifications and raffle notifications at the same time?
  17. Between raffles and auctions I'd like to not be getting my hopes up when I see the little red box.
  18. Hey. Simpliest and most logical suggestion: Update the game id's so bots could accept steam games they are buying . Example the bioshock trilogy i hold but is not found by the bots. I reported the same issue for another games in the past but unfortunately nothing changed then. Who knows, maybe now...
  19. Mar 21st: Fixed kirbysleep emote. Optimized and updated some hats to SVG (Thanks to iwashere) Fixed another case of users creating too many raffles at once. Fixed sorting raffles by time left. Added 4 hour raffle length option.
  20. Hm, I'd have to say it was getting the BarbeQueQ achievement - was goofing about on Turbine, when somehow I'd gotten a domination on one really unlucky guy. Throughout the goofing about, I'd managed to kill him once with each class - some were assists, but we take those. I think it was a cross-midroom Scorch Shot spam that killed him last, then he probably just got bored and left, netting me the 'cheevo.
  21. Not sure if this is an intended feature, but when loading the Raffles by "Time Left" rather than "Newest" and scrolling downwards it only loads about 2 pages of raffles before concluding "That's all, no more!" when that is clearly not all, and there is plenty more. I've never had problems with of this type before, or never noticed it until now.
  22. I think the biggest problem would be programming it to register Achievement items.
  23. I don't know the cause but I'm assuming if the raffles are short enough, people can somehow still submit more (public) raffles than is allowed in 24 hours regardless of their premium status(?). Here is a series that a premium user (likely unknowingly) created at the time this thread was posted. The limit for premium is said to be 8 but there is 9 here: 1. https://scrap.tf/raffles/6MS0TX 2. https://scrap.tf/raffles/DABS77 3. https://scrap.tf/raffles/4YQE2Z 4. https://scrap.tf/raffles/HCULL9 5. https://scrap.tf/raffles/O2WKVI 6. https://scrap.tf/raffles/GJFEXJ 7. https://scrap.tf/raffles/13CNSB 8. https://scrap.tf/raffles/4HGQ6K 9. https://scrap.tf/raffles/LX1JZP So it seems that this issue is still persisting and I am creating a thread about it because Jesse said.
  24. The bug in the OP of this thread is fixed. If the 2nd issue brought up here still persists you can open a new thread for it.
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