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  2. Discord Tag: Fawful#1643 Chrome dev tools? I'm familiar with the main Elements tab, but that's only for missing with code. Experience? Nope, not at all.
  3. Discord Tag: DR_BRODY_PHD Chrome dev tools? Ye - I think so. Experience? I remade an NES game and I use RPG maker alot, I've inspected a few elements on chrome and looked at some .json files.
  4. Discord Tag: Pillzman's Fox#7656 Chrome dev tools? No, I currently use Microsoft Edge Experience? No I do not have experience.
  5. Discord Tag: Kris#6432 Chrome dev tools? Not really, but I could learn. Experience? No, this would be my first.
  6. Discord Tag: hinspam#6085 Chrome dev tools? yes, quite so Experience? yeah, a lot
  7. Discord Tag: Testarossa#5417 Chrome dev tools? no but willing to learn. Experience? no but willing to learn.
  8. [⇆] The Trojan Warhorse [⇆]'s Application

    Discord Tag: The Trojan Warhorse#3128 Chrome dev tools? I am not as I spend almost all of my time on mobile Experience? I have helped in testing a new website before, and I helped fix two bugs on scrap.tf here on the forums
  9. Discord Tag: QuartzTrooper#8087 Chrome dev tools? No Experience? No, but screenshots and other ways to record should be easy peasy.
  10. Discord Tag: Dima#9964 Chrome dev tools? nope Experience? nope
  11. -Jay-'s Application

    I think I found an issue with the application. There are no prefix options unless this is intentional.
  12. Discord Tag: JeRa#0669 Chrome dev tools? No Experience? Not sure, probably no
  13. Discord Tag: dunk#7118 Chrome dev tools? kind of? but not really Experience? ive used the steam beta program for a bit, doubt that counts. ive also been in betas for games but that doesnt count either (probably)
  14. Discord Tag: JAY#7150 Chrome dev tools? Not fully, yet I am able to learn if I need to. Experience? I was a beta tester for a game that my friend built from the ground up with unity. However, I don't think that will fully apply here. So no. I don't think I ever tested a software before, I just want to help the best that I can.
  15. Discord Tag: Oshywatt #1272 Chrome dev tools? No, but i know how to get into it Experience? Nope.avi
  16. Seb With A Zero's Application

    Discord Tag: Seb With A Zero#5049 Chrome dev tools? No Experience? Nope, this will be the first time if I get the chance.
  17. Discord Tag: CarbonHelium#3133 Chrome dev tools? No Experience? No
  18. Discord Tag: ArcticDraco#2982 Chrome dev tools? I am not, but I am willing to learn how to use them. Experience? The only kind of prior experience to software testing was beta testing Heat Signature in the Test Team MOONDUST. Other than that, I have not done any other kind of software testing.
  19. Discord Tag: DFliyerz#7638 Chrome dev tools? Somewhat Experience? Did a little bit for a browser-compatibility company called Browsium, and I used to be a beta tester for scrap.tf
  20. Discord Tag: Pops#2118 Chrome dev tools? Familiar with, not skilled with. Experience? I have no prior experience in software testing.
  21. Discord Tag: Slime#4385 Chrome dev tools? No not really. Experience? Yes I do.
  22. Discord Tag: Wheat#7064 Chrome dev tools? Not so much but i could learn if taught. Experience? Kinda, ive helped create tf2 bots with finding out bugs/exploits.
  23. Discord Tag: TheRango789#2756 Chrome dev tools? I know the basics Experience? I have tested on a few forum pages and Minecraft servers (finding bugs, checking usages)
  24. Discord Tag: Kilroy#8034 Chrome dev tools? Familiar enough! Experience? None at all! But I know enough about computers to get myself in trouble, which is usually a plus.
  25. Discord Tag: MAX_01 GAMER#3237 Chrome dev tools? no Experience? nothing in special, but i can take screenshots an comunicate with an decent inglish, an i can help others with their issues, thats is a great idea to improve our community
  26. Discord Tag: Wonderfish#1271 Chrome dev tools? I know how to use the network inspector, but I can't fully understand everything I see with it. That doesn't mean I can't understand anything, though. Experience? I don't have any experience in software testing, but I'm taking a web design class at school.
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