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  4. I put my item up for auction. I bought it, I tried to withdraw refs, but a trade error occurred and no refs were sent to me, and the item was sent to the buyer. help, my 48 refs are gone!
  5. I looked at your backpack and the only scrap there is not tradable, you probably used an achievement item to craft it, that also means that if you try to make it in to a reclaimed or refined it will not be tradable either :/
  6. Every time I click on Buy to buy Mad Milk or Tide Turner and I choose to pay with scrap, it says that an error occurred and that I don't have the required amount of scrap (which is 1) to pay for the items. I do have that 1 scrap and it still refuses to start the trade offer for me. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Positive. Only places I have steam connected is here, and backpack/marketplace .tf What whovever it was did was somehow trade with a bot on quicksell.trade, then Trade with a bot using Tradeit.gg, and taking all my keys to a tradeit.gg bot account. It seems somehow tradeit.gg got into my account and robbed me. I am considering pooling a legal fund to sue both tradeit.gg and quicksell.store. the times are super close together, so it is very obvious this was a theft, and not just trading over time.
  8. Are you sure you didn't log in to any suspicious links?
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  10. Same thing happeneed to me just a few hours ago
  11. Yeah no that's not what's happening. Sure their anti-cheat is invasive, that's kind of the point, but it isn't "stealing your steam account and inventory", it doesn't have the power to allow them to do that. When they say they still have your steam account even if you delete your account, they mean that you can't use the same email to run another steam account to prevent alts and cheating.
  12. You can just block it with adblock
  13. Is there any way to move games in your library back to your inventory? nvm
  14. You must have the game on your inventory, if it was added to your library or purchased in certain countries it can't be trade
  15. So today I was browsing through my friends list and saw a particular trading partner who added me. I looked through his backpack and found it really weird that he only had 30-40 hours on tf2 and his backpack was entirely private, nothing public. I immediately started investigating since a private profile that trades is already enough to raise my eyebrow. Here's what I found: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561199147991025#!/compare/1616889600/1617062400 he traded 9 keys, metal, and an unusual for literally nothing. This is what piqued my interest. I looked through the histories of the i
  16. When I try to sell it appears (btw, the game is in my library but does not appear here)
  17. 1 more thing he had more scraps to give he didnt gave all that had if that matters
  18. I was searching for a trade and a guy with some good hats and some scraps send me an offer ill let the image here tell me if im winning something or lossing
  19. I have a problem with scrap bot trade. When i want to accept it shows up "error (11)" but if i want to reject it, then it says there was a problem with that. I need help
  20. At the end of the day, we want to encourage our users to interact with each other, so our terms of service reflect this. We will not be changing our policy regarding this any time soon.
  21. As an Australian that doesn't even have the ability to play on factit tf2 servers, whenever I go on scrap.tf and see the banned it just kinda bugs me. If the mods were to add a little cross to remove the pop up like with banners in the past, that could be a good idea. Just a though, idrk Thanks
  22. "Bruh" You are not forced to be positive, wholesome or even read the raffles, i just gave you a suggestion on how to enjoy raffles instead of having it as a laborious process :/
  23. So we have to force everyone to read some wholesome 100 story or some other garbage. This forced positivity is especially facilitated by the fact that if you say something remotely offensive then you're banned. Oh, but let me guess, it would make the community toxic or some other buzzword. Good point.
  24. People tend to share stories, make jokes and just try to have fun in general. Most people who raffle do so expecting that at least some of the people who join will read it, if there was a "join all" button, there would be less people interacting with the community, which would eventually lead to less and less raffles until it goes the way of TF2r
  25. Because otherwise people would be able to do things such as have bots to enter raffles and give themselves higher chances to win which would make them have an Advantage over other users.
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