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  4. Hello, I recently bought an item on Scrap.tf and didnt accept the bots trade offer in time, and the trade got declined. Now on the site (Scrap.tf) I cant buy any items because it glitched out, it says "You're already in the queue". Its been like this for over 2+ hours. Any idea on how to fix it?
  5. Those are usually only accepting items and have an IF(item factor) of 50%, which means that an item worth 2 keys will only contribute 1 key for the auction value.
  6. Title Why there are some auction for 5 keys having minimum bid of 3 keys
  7. Im trying to get a not crafted area 451 but cant seem to find it anywhere. Everywhere I look its always a crafted one . Does anyone have a not crafted one or does it only exist as crafted?
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  9. "No shooting every player down. This is a hangout server, not a deathmatch server." I wasn't aware there was this new rule that was implemented into the server as of 1 year ago from what I've been told which is something to say the least but that's not the point. Why is it a rule exactly? I'm going to say what I have to say and everyone else is free to criticize this post, or just call me a sweaty tryhard I guess 1. What purpose does the Friendly Plugin serve at this point if this is a rule? If people are not allowed to deathmatch and the only reasonable reason to kill someone is only by duel or the "funnies" sounds absurd to me, friendly plugin exists for people who don't want to be killed and just explore the map or just mess around with people 2. It is very easy to abuse this just to get someone banned If someone engages you in a sort of duel, what is stopping me to just get killed by that specific individual and report them for that since there is no SourceTV to record that, and even if there is, that's just more work added for the mods to be forcefully be active in the Server and the chat logs won't tell you much besides who was killed by what. 3. People prefer to take it into their own matters and witch-hunt instead of warning My first experience into joining the server after a long while was going as a caber Demo to blow people up as a Zombine (yeah I know is a silly thing) and instead of being met with "hey this is a rule in a server not to kill people" I get killed by a few people a few time while being taunted after a kill and am told to "please stop" with no context on the rules. The other person only afterwards told me that there was a rule for that after I switched to Scout and started going on a killing row to fight back the other Scout and killing a few people there and there, yet the first action that person was gonna take from what my friend on their team showed me in DM's of the team chat was the person was gonna report me. I'm aware I should've read the rules, but if my only way to find out about the rule update is through one raffle that appears in a full-moon on which I haven't played in the server in forever nor visit scrap.tf raffles often besides trading. I don't know what gives Maybe I should've considered checking the rules after so long, in which I'm sorry. The server gets barely updated in general so I assumed everything was still the same, but it still shouldn't make people go into a mindset to just witch-hunt an individual without both warning and just simply reporting them and waiting instead of themselves breaking that rule and killing that person constantly as a way to dealing with the bad guy because apparently "bullying a bully doesn't make me a bully" 4. "This is a chillout/hangout server" argument I'm not sure what people mean by this, if this was called a "Friendly server" that would be completely reasonable for me to think "okay this is a server where people shouldn't kill one another" When I see a server that's called chillout/hangout, I think "this is a server where people just chill,talk and hangout, while doing their own thing" that's it. People have a completely different perspective towards TF2 as what they consider chilling/hanging out be it killing people or just friendlying around. Even the word "be friendly in here" is worded poorly where it only means "Be friendly towards others players and play the game how you want" and not "be friendly towards others and don't go killing people" I've said everything I had to say, you may agree with me or disagree since we all have a different perspective on what TF2 is, but I feel this should be at least mentioned. Thank you for reading and have a good day/night
  10. Since some of the files don't have a link to their download page, here is a link to all the following maps suggestions for the following gamemodes that are: Dodgeball, Zombie Fortress, Prophunt Link to all the maps Feel free to check them all
  11. A rules plugin - https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=931295 Many players join without knowing that it is a friendly server, most people skip the MOTD and go straight in the game, having a rules plugin could make more people be aware of the rules, admins can also force players to open the rules menu whenever. A commands list - https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=637467 There aren't too many commands to use on the server, but having a small list to show what there is could make things a tiny bit easier. A chat filter - https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=329816 It can be set to block certain words in chat, gag, kick, ban, etc. This would make everyone's experience so much better.
  12. Recently I traded some of my australium to bot and yesterday i sold my killstreak of my australium rocket launcher and festivaled the keys the trading was normal until i verify it on mobile authentication. I entered the game and didn't receive my item, I rebooted many times and still nothing pops up. wasted $85
  13. The first list of maps have received updates and are ready to play
  14. These will all be DR maps, since I don't play enough of other gamemodes to know if a map is up-to-date or not I've done nothing but play Deathrun for the past 4 years, might as well put some of that to good use. There are some maps I have multiple versions of with confusing names and therefore don't know which is up-to-date and therefore won't mention those either, unless one is clearly the better version (in my opinion). I won't be going through every DR map on the server that could be updated because of this (really, I'll just go through maps I like). I'll link the updated maps on gamebanana, except where noted. I won't mention any of my maps lmao Maps to update DR_4halls_v6 > DR_4halls_v7 DR_bank_v7 > DR_bank_v13 DR_cryptnecrodancer_v6 > DR_cryptnecrodancer_v7 (V7 isn't on gamebanana, link is a G-drive download of the .bsp) DR_r60d_final_x3 > DR_r60d_redux_fix4b DR_supermonkeyball_v4_1 > DR_supermonkeyball_v4_3 DR_undertale_finished > DR_undertale_finished_v2fix2 DR_playstation > DR_playstation_final (original website for this is gone, there's probably a download somewhere else but this G-drive link works) Maps to add (not in alphabetical order) DR_scooby_doo - One of the most well made maps out there DR_stupidity - Sounds like a trash meme map, is actually really really good DR_PQ - I remember testing old versions of this map, and since then I've heard the map just kept getting better DR_madfacility - Made by one of the guys who made DR_madlabs, another good map DR_LA_meltdown - Fantastic Duke Nukem map DR_bog - Very nice looking map with interesting features not seen in many other maps DR_champions_destiny - If you love difficulty, and hate the activator actually doing anything. Good map still. DR_supermarket - Another very well made map, and a lot of fun DR_junglemines - Made by same guy who did supermarket, same level of effort put into the map DR_nostalgia_roblox - Roblox themed map, custom models and fair traps that lead to a fun nostalgic experience DR_lostzones - It has been a while since I played this but I remember it being a really good map that looks and plays brilliant DR_paradoxal - Same sort of thing as lostzones, been a while but this was always a map that kept getting better by the update DR_neonoir - AN ESSENTIAL MAP for any DR server, this map was the reason there are a fair few "vaporwave" or "80s" style maps out there since this came out DR_steamworks_extreme - Hard map, but every death is totally justified and fair, probably my favourite DR map out there DR_boomershooter - DOOM themed map, looks nice, plays well, can't say much else These are the best maps in Deathrun that any server running the mode undoubtedly needs. There's probably more maps out there, but I just threw together the ones I personally think are the best. I'll be sure to add my own maps in the next list Leave comments based on what you think, what you agree with, or what you flat out disagree with. This also took like an hour to make so if this thread doesn't go here, well that was a magnificent waste of time. Thanks, Corona.
  15. apparently it's happened. I am excited and will be trying it, if the rumors are true
  16. Probably going to be hard for scrap.tf to sell cards when the buying functionality and badge builder are broken too
  17. Once enough cards have been sold again. We've hit the general stock limit on cards.
  18. trade_alley_rc6 trade_subway the entirety of London (forgor the name of the map, though I doubt it’ll be too hard to find) trade_boozehound Wheelchair-accessible 2fort tr_walkway_rc2
  19. Self promoting but I have a map that would really suit server 2, it was for my old (dead) server but i think its good for the community https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2863062172 (Newer version, more content, but more buggy, bigger file size) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2656827922 (Older version, no bugs, smaller file size, less content)
  20. Okay. So I've had this map on my server for some time and we really enjoy it. It's called TRADE MASSCC D2. Basically it's a huge map where, in your spawn's back room, there are several portals to different areas. In the Lounge area, you cannot build buildings nor can you kill other people. There are some minigames and some other areas. There's also a Pool, a Disco, Pyro Tennis, an Arena, and a couple more areas. There is a door straight out of spawn that leads to an outdoor area with a small house, a large barn, a beach, and a gokart track. There are some cons to this map. I was slightly concerned with spawncamping, if you look at the map, you'll see. There is a sign, it's a little inappropriate and would definitely need to be removed. It's in the Community Art section in the lounge. It's the smaller one with the real life weasel on it. There is also a slots machine in the Lounge that has an inappropriate name. There is a logo on a back wall, you can walk up there from the front area or your spawn, that says it's a Masscc map. There are also 3 signs, one by the pool entrance, and one in each spawn, that says that it is a Masscc map and if it's not in a Masscc server, it's not legit. There are other signs in the server that portray Masscc members. I will post pictures of the "If it's not Masscc, it's not legit" signs. The other two I mentioned will have to be looked at if you look at the map. I should note as well that this is a fairly large map file size wise. It's not the biggest map on my server but it's in the top 5. I have the .bsp file if interested in looking at it. *Note* I got this off of a server that is not Masscc. I honestly don't think Masscc exists anymore but I'm not 100% on that.
  21. You've properly figured it out already, but it goes back in your site inventory.
  22. lets say i put on an item for auction and no one bids on it can i withdraw my items back?
  23. Been wondering this myself. It's been several months since I've been able to trade cards here.
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