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  1. Yesterday
  2. I think that we should have a dedicated warpaint trading option, to trade war paints and painted weapons, pretty simple
  3. So it's more like a P.S. box rather than an Edit box?
  4. When you flick betwen the names when you trade it may change it's name to the item you were just hovering over. Basiclly going back and betwen two items example Sandvich and Brassbeast, if you go over them fast sometimes the Brassbeast may get the name Sandvich
  5. Last week
  6. Same here....Every time I try to deposit something, that message appears and I can't deposit: Just a heads up... This inventory is used for Scrap.TF services such as auctions, fundraisers, and the megaraffle. If someone is asking you to deposit items here then you're probably being scammed. Visit this help page for information on how to secure your Steam account.
  7. I'd like to trade my foil cards but I'm experiencing issues with them. I have 2 foil cards (Drop Ship and The Innocent (both from OBEY)), and on the scrap.tf website, they both appear to be worth 2 keys each. When I attempted to trade them, instead of the Steam trade displaying 4 keys for both of the foil cards, it displayed 1 refined metal and 1 scrap for both of the foil cards. When I tried to trade them seperately, the Steam trade displayed 2 scrap for a foil card. This happened for both cards.
  8. Hey, I have a little problem with depositing items to site inventory. When I select items that I want to deposit, then I click on deposit and nothin happen ... It is maybe because no storage bots left, but I am not sure.
  9. I'm trying to deposit my unusual to auction it but right before you select the item and press deposit items it pops up as "Just a Heads up..." as shows you the inventory is for auctions, raffles and stuff but when I press Deposit the button does nothing but the cancel button works. I've tried doing other items and it still doesn't work.
  10. Alright, now that I have your attention, let me suggest a new feature: The Edit Box The basic complaint for editing raffles is for some reason always the same: "People could break rules, then edit their stuff to avoid punishment." This idea gets around that complaint by preserving the raffle in it's original state. With the press of an edit button, the raffler can type up their corrections. The "Edit Box" would then appear, going between the Main Message and the Poll Area. The mock-up I made omits a poll, with the Box being between the Main Message and Entered Message. Mock-Up: http://prntscr.com/p6lcim The box would only appear if an edit was actually made. Only one edit can be made per raffle. (Edit Box cannot be edited afterwards) With this feature, many mistakes can be corrected. Ever leave a poll out by mistake? Sure, you can post it in the comments, but that's harder to see, especially if it gets buried by replies. So edit box it! Ever forget to mention someone you wanted to thank? Give them praise for their donation or whatever with an edit! Maybe you made a chain raffle but forgot to put the link to the next raffle in the Entered Message. To avoid it being buried in the comments, edit! All around, an official way to edit raffles is a QoL improvement that many of us want. As said before, this version jumps over potential abuse edits, making it a safe thing to add
  11. CaTaHaTV

    Paint bag!

    Hello, i'm buy in the auction double spelled Strange Mishap Mercenary painted in Team Spirit. Scrap.TF showed only one blue paint, there is such a bug only for one paint not on Scrap.TF but when I went to BackpackTF there were 2 colors and in trade. I have not accepted trade yet. I do not want to take it. What should I do? Screens
  12. Does it matter what keys I use to trade? Like could I use a mann. co crate key or a invasion crate key in the same way? I'm kinda new to trading.
  13. 3xlneet #ScrapTF

    Server 3.

    More information about its closure can be found in the following raffle: https://scrap.tf/raffles/1I788Q
  14. Race

    Server 3.

    Why hello there! We all know server 3 right? It's fun, enjoyable and all around we HAD a fun time! But, how come the server went down? I don't want to throw away the funs times I had on a really amazing server! So I'm asking why did the server go down?
  15. I wast offline and some kid (based on his avatar) place this Incinerated Barn Door Plank in my auction for my 1 key plus painted cosmetic which scrap.tf priced at 1 key plus, never seen before and and buy order at backpack is 5 ref,so what is this item used for? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. Yea, but please blacklist items that are obsolete to prevent bidders exploiting the auctions.
  17. Being able to reject final bids would be exploited and would just cause more harm than good, you'd have people "changing their minds", rejecting if they didn't get enough profit, rejecting just to troll the bidder, etc.
  18. Created an auction at night and went to sleep, the next day, checked my auction when I was free and found the final bid to be 2 overpriced items and a third item which I've never seen before (Incinerated Barn Door Plank) valued at 1 key plus ref by scrap.tf. Well, literally lost a key plus for my painted cosmetic for an item which is only tradable but not saleable and buy orders are between 5 ref to 10 ref at backpack.tf and marketplace respectively. Probably this suggestion will not be accepted but at least blacklist this item and items that have no value. Just wanted to release some pent-up frustration. Sorry about that. Thank you.
  19. I think it would be a cool idea if you could reply to multiple users incase you have something to say to more than one user. It would be a lot easier to reply to multiple people instead of making to separate messages which will also reduce spam. Thanks
  20. Earlier
  21. Oh yeah I actually tested it with him too, to make sure it wasn't just a coincidence and sure enough, it worked for him.
  22. I heard something about the Trove items on this raffle (the guy had the same problem). I bought it afterwards to see if it works.
  23. I had experienced this before until I made a bit of a "discovery", for some reason, the Trove items from the Winter Sale are able to make your Steam Inventory load, I reported this and was told it had been forwarded to Jesse to see if there was an explanation, haven't heard anything else since. I've checked your Steam Inv. and it seems you do have one of those items, however it's marked as untradable and unmarketable, so if you have a friend who has a tradable/marketable one, you should try to ask them to give it to you for a bit, then see if after you get it your Steam Inv. loads.
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