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  3. yeetin yeetin and more yeetin

  4. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/FriendlyFortressTwo
  5. i would also like to know this. been really wanting to get a few more badges levelled up/maxed
  6. i used to trade alot here around a year ago and i came back to it, but i dont see recently traded section in hats? what happened to that
  7. why because when a person named The Nervous Pyro when he told me to put my items in the deposit they are missing
  8. Earlier
  9. The recently traded section always has higher prices that slowly drop over time, that's why they have a countdown timer on them Also unusuals are automatically priced based on Backpack.tf price suggestions, so if an item hasn't been updated in a long time then the price is going to be inaccurate
  10. You would need to spend the money you got from the community market in the Mann Co store to become a paid player. the scrap would be untradeable if you crafted it yourself, just use the scrap.tfs auto-scrap thing if the weapons themselves are tradeable.
  11. You do not need steam guard to get free items (as long as nothing is on your side of the trade), so probably just name change.
  12. Hello! I ran into same problem, You either recently changed your name, or you have to wait 15 days for Steam Guard.
  13. i meant 4 keys less but you get the picture
  14. i wanted to sell a unusual here i see the amout and its 6 keys?? i go on backpack and i see the same effect and hat for 9 keys more and the prices for unusual taunts and stuff are just atrocious its pretty well known that scraps prices are pretty crap but i didnt think it was this bad i was gonna buy a unusual taunt i check the price and its 8 keys i go to backpack and i find the same taunt effect for 5 keys less like wtf is this?
  15. Yeah. I don't have any issue with waiting but I would like to know if they are planning on putting that back online. I tried some alternatives but they are much less user friendly compared to this. (I actually think it would be a good idea to make more versions of your website for different games if you wanted to expand. I saw more versions so the communities can be separate and develop their own culture (and they already are different).)
  16. It's snipers, that's on like... most auction sites, just be online while the auction finshes, okay ?
  17. So, 5 Bombs Are Not Painful?

  18. I donated an amout of 13 keys because you said that 13 keys for you its 25 usd and after the donation thats saying that i only donated 20 usd but you told me that 13 keys its 25 usd so what I need to do now?
  19. Yes friend i feel so too when i get good bid out of nowhere they jump in and over bid me
  20. I can not withdraw items I have won from the raffles. The error message says I am either trade banned or my inventory is private but I am non of them. I have never been trade banned and I have never had my inventory private. Any fix?
  21. nevermind guys i was just being a dumbass and didnt fuckin read it XD
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