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  3. This has been resolved at the help&support forums. Please create your posts about issues with the site there.
  4. Was trying to trade for an engie item but didn't have enough, so I sold a steam card, and now I can't trade because the trade offer is still there, but it's fixed now.
  5. Yeah that would be helpful for friendlies.
  6. January 14th: Fixed some bugs relating to the Jan 12 update Added puzzle-bans. This ban type should be given if you make an unsolvable puzzle - it prevents you from making puzzles until the ban expires Sprayed geel repellant
  7. I'd be happy to re-open the application if anyone is still interested
  8. Last week
  9. https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/34-refunds/
  10. No, this isn't allowed, as this is requesting off-site trades. All bids have to be made through the bidding system. If they put their minimum bid too high or have the accepted items not set up correctly, they'll have to remake the auction. In the future, please post questions about the site at the Help&Support forums.
  11. Please respond to your refund request instead of creating more threads for the same issue.
  12. All right, imagine you are havin' a great time chillin' in Server 2... and suddenly chaos begins. Everyone's killin' everyone else. A war is loose! You can either fight or attempt to hide. Isn't Server 2 called Hangout/Chill for a reason? I am askin' for a friendly plugin. That's it. Nothing too complicated.
  13. Hello everyone! This is my first post here. Since I'm unable to use mobile authentication for a while, I am unable to actually create a puzzle raffle. So I'm trying something else! I've decided to make a difficult puzzle for people to do. I'll tell you if you get it right! Just send your ideas for what is correct or incorrect in the comment. I will confirm the answer there. So if you want it to find it out yourself, then please don't read the comments! So; There are Three Sections to the puzzle, and a final section to determine the puzzle based off of the fragments given in th
  14. January 12th: Migrated from "user ranks" to "user groups" system. This is primarily an internal change Opened up two mod tools to raffle creators: raffle creators may toggle comments & visibility of raffle winners on their own raffles Changed some of the settings a tiny bit Removed "recently traded" section from banking pages Removed festive cheer Fixed a bug where strange haunted/genuine cosmetic items would show that they had "kills" even without the strange part Removed geel
  15. You probably got this item from one of the halloween contract rewards right? None of those items are tradable even if you are a f2p or a p2p
  16. How did you even get scammed?
  17. Last time I talked to a guy that made an auction, The auction was about to end and I told him that I am willing to pay around the price he was looking for, and I added him and that went great. But after that I got a warning for something I didn't really get. My question is if I am allowed to tell someone on an auction : "Hi , if this auction end without a bid. Add me we can discuss it" or something like : "If you really want and this auction will end , you can add me and I quick buy it - quick sell."
  18. Please Contact Me so I can make you a screenshot to see i was scammed Discord:HarryLTS#0955
  19. When I’m trying to do any trade over like 20 ref none of the bots have enough metal and they need to “replenish” there stocks. Is this website dying or are the bots broken
  20. Bot scammed me hat called the Crome Dome
  21. Earlier
  22. Jacket, he's the only hot one. If you disagree I will fight your mom.
  23. Shoot many bullet at very high speed with Dual Jacket's Piece while sentry guns and converted SWAT draw fire away from myself. Not very practical but fun as all heck.
  24. Strange Well Worn Miami Element Medi-Gun
  25. Correct me if I am wrong or misinformed but that form was pretty old and I think I have seen some new beta testers since then. I understand the official way is when application forms are announced but I don't think it is the only way to exclusively be added as one. This leads me to believe that circumstantially you may be added as one, whatever those circumstances may be.
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