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  3. Well, unfortunately yes because otherwise you will get auction banned.
  4. So I should just pay the bid even though he is a scammer?
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  6. Then your best bet would be reporting them directly on Bp.tf
  7. I've done it twice but they said I should report to the marketplace or steamrep šŸ¤Ø
  8. You could/should report the user so then Staff can look more into it and take action if necessary.
  9. So there are 5 skin auctions that were created and I checked those items history. So from the history, he seems to scam someone by pretending to be a bot. So this is the victim comparison : https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561199096835667#!/compare/1643155200/1643328000 The auctioneer : https://scrap.tf/profile/2788261 The "bot" : https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561199218176024 I managed to win 4 of 5 from the auction. Should I pay the bid and pretending he isn't a scammer by any chance? Or someone could handle it? Cuz probably he just wanna get quick pure by creating these auctions. This is what I believed. And I only have 22 hours from now. Help me! Please write your opinion as well. Edited : The fifth auction was actually my friend won it. So got all of it I guess.
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  11. lobsters.

    1. Mr Bonk. (Bonk Collector)

      Mr Bonk. (Bonk Collector)


  12. wdym what you should do with it? start making profit!, if you got the patience and will to learn, look at some updated trading guides and get started!, it's gonna be a slow process but in the end it does become rewarding
  13. I clicked on one of your contact methods and it brought me to my dead grandpa's Facebook account's most recent post, which is a link to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Down".

  14. Out of stock, just take a look every now and then until someone sells them to the bots
  15. i cant seem to find the jumper weapons
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  17. Yeah, when you make a bid, you are committing to trade them to the auctioneer if you win, never trade it away unless the auction ends and you don't win it :/
  18. Yes, you need to pay with the exact same items, so can't just buy similar ones. However if your bid is only Currency, then you can still pay as long as you have the exact amount of currency even if they're not the same items that you bid originally.
  19. The skin is priced at around 14 keys, the sks and festivizer might bring that up to 15 keys, in theory. There are a couple of listings at 14 already and it also last sold on the market for $28 (roughly 14 as well).
  20. I have found some prices of similar items on Steam Market, but I do not now where this item stacks up compared to them and what is considered good pricing in either pure or $. All input is appreciated.
  21. i voted in the auction thing for tf2 and i accidentally traded away the items i bid and i saw somewhere that if i dont respond i get banned, is that gunna happen to me cause i have no way to get the items back, am i going to get banned or am i good if i clearr it up with mods or admins or something,, (sorry for lack of grammmar im high rn))
  22. Had to* Buying games as items from steam is no longer possible, sadly. They removed that option a few years ago and now you can only trade the ones that were already created back when it was possible.
  23. You gotta buy a game as a gift in your Steam inventory, you can only trade those
  24. Your contact methods is pretty sus ngl

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