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  2. Technically, you can search for specific auctions you saw with the search option. Next to your notifications is a magnifying glas, entering an item and switching to auction should do the trick. Granted, that tool could use an overhaul. You cannot search for war paints, Skins can be found by entering the weapon and changing the quality to decorated weapon only, leaving out any specifics on the type and wear of it, and there is no option to search for generic stuff like "genuine hats" or "unusual taunts". At least no easy option, you could list every one individually.
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  4. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to search auctions? You could find that one unusual auction you saw yesterday without slogging through 8 pages of crap. You could also look for specific items you are interested in, or filter auctions above your budget.
  5. Currently, when hovering over a Chemistry Set or Fabricator, you don't see the inputs needed to complete the Set/Fabricator. This can be annoying as Chemistry Sets sometimes contain inputs which cost many times the selling price of the final output, but when bidding on it in an auction you can't see what those inputs are and whether or not it'd be worth it to actually buy the Chemistry Set. I know you can search up the user on Steam and view their inventory to see the inputs, but it would be nice to not have to do that and have the required inputs be displayed on the site. In a similar vein, sometimes people have partially completed fabricators which they don't wish to fully complete and would rather sell. If the remaining inputs needed are displayed, it would make it easier for people to sell partially completed kits as it can be seen which inputs are needed to finish completing the Fabricator. Again, you can search up the seller's inventory on Steam, but it'd be annoying and the possibility of multiple fabricators with differing levels of completeness could result in confusion over which fabricator is really being sold.
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  7. buy a mannco key is the most basic idea to start your trading
  8. Deponia Doomsday would be a nice addition!
  9. I can eat all, not specific one.
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  11. I would like to participate in this too!
  12. The upgrade is being used in auctions as a way to increase your ref value by around roughly 10 ref, its priced around 32 to 43 ref but you would be lucky to find any reaching 24 ref with a average of sellers being 21 ref due to this any auction that allows items gets much less than what the bid says and sellers cant compete since the other bidder will always be bidding much lower than the price stated. Some examples that have happened is people looking to sell theyr keys for items ending up just getting 2 Upgrades which if you try to sell will at most get you 43 ref which is lower than 1 key by almost 10 ref, this effect may not be that large in the unusual side of trading untill you realize that if 2 of these are worth 1 key in the eyes of scrap.tf one can just buy about 20 (2 upgrades meaning 1 key so 10 keys) of these which would cost the person 420 ref roughly as oppose to the 510 ref price of 10 keys and the gap would keep widening so the seller if not paying attention to his auction 24/7 could end up getting LESS than his minimum bid. I just want the item blacklisted or price to be fixed since it seems like scrap.tf is following backpack.tf prices than another fix is going to backpack.tf and making a new price suggestion and getting it approved ASAP. I have not been a victim of this thankfully but ive seen people get screwed over. Thanks for your time in listening to me and have a nice day. Edit. Prices of the upgrade have gone down to 19.33 ref and still no change to pricing
  13. I think 18 hours raffle length is a good idea only if user is P+ or SP. If anybody can create raffle with not standart time length then we will have a big mess. I am not sure how it's going to look like but i think a lot of users won't create 1 day or 12 hours raffles with this. And if P+ or SP can create raffles that continues 18 hours then he also can create 8 or 20 hours raffles... 🤔 But yeah, this idea is pretty good. 😄
  14. Precipice seems like a mistake, a decent red team will be able to stop anything but a high quality, coordinated blue team every time barring some unexpected series of events. I really do not like how contracts work in casual mode. Once a team takes a lead, there's little motivation to help win the match, it becomes more important to let the match end so contracts can be finalized, however once people complete a contract they'd leave if it didn't require a round end so what do you do. Autobalance is not fairly done IMO. I get thrown into matches that end all the time. It detracts significantly from what used to be a fun time.
  15. I Say Just Dont Get Banned. You Wont Have The Problem Anymore.
  16. I wanted to sell unusual taunt item that gives a random effect to the taunt but I wanted it for 20 keys but I forgot to do the min so I need help to decline it help pls
  17. im new to the trading scene and dont really know how unusual trading works. i only have 15 keys and 93 ref to my name. id like to know how to delve into the world of unusual trading, what to look out for, and how to someday make a profit from this. any and all advice would be welcome
  18. Currently, im not having fun at all, after years of playing it i got bored, like poeple stated they rarely do minor changes. 😕
  19. Oct 29th: Fixed possible source of raffles starting without the items being traded in. Fixed current raffle being counted towards limits when editing it. Moved chat icon setting to chat itself. Fixed site inventory limits being higher than they should be. Removed steamrep admin display from profiles as it was confusing.
  20. Sept 2nd: Update puzzle raffle rules. Misc backend optimizations. Sept 16th: Add warning about possible scams when depositing items. Removed profile link from site-wide announcements. More backend optimizations. Sept 19th: Updated the style of the raffle list header to show bigger numbers. Add new edit raffle page that allows you control more things. Show raffle start times when they are pending upload. Updated some badges to SVG, thanks to iwashere. Update and clarify some rules. Oct 3rd: Add more SVG badges and icons, thanks to iwashere. Fix mini icons on items overlapping. Oct 8th: Enabled Halloween mode.
  21. I don't mind banned user raffles getting removed however, the raffles are not deleted, but rather hidden. The actual problem is raffles can be hidden but can still be live. I think this is a problem. You could have a user create two raffles, get banned (temporary) due to one, but the other raffle will still be live yet not accessible. It then gives an advantage to any who have entered the raffle before that user got banned. When they win, they can't exactly view the page either but still be able to withdraw which is odd. Removing/hiding raffles is ok for anti-archive reasons but when some of the raffles are still live, it can be a problem.
  22. https://scrap.tf/help/auctions "As you has were warned before bidding, you must keep the exact items you bid in your inventory. If you trade them away or even get replacements for the same item, the trade won't work because they do not have the same ID. Some items such as metal and keys do not have this restriction and are not ID specific." About Us Premium Forum Steam Group Help Community Rules
  23. Good. The developer is slow, but I can wait. The game itself is really good, and it's free. The fact that it is free is the reason why I am still using Steam up until these day. The community is also good, but they're definitely hungry for an actual update, but they're still going pretty strong. Some people on the community may be bad, but the amount of people that is actually nice is much bigger than them. The game's not as popular as it used to be, but it's still a game with the seventh most amount of player count, which is still pretty impressive for a decade-old game. The game's meme is quite strong, even the "I fear no man, but that thing... It scares me." meme which originated from the Meet The Pyro is well known meme, even peoples outside of the game's community have seen this meme before, even if they never watched Meet The Pyro or play the game. I think that's all...
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