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  2. Im kinda dumb, and i really want to know that!
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  6. when im trying to click the weapon icon it wont do anything beside just sitting there and also when i try to search a certain item the thing wont load, either this is the site error or am i dumb. maybe both.
  7. u can use alternative trade sites, i don't tell you what is this site, but u can search him :3
  8. I won a raffle today and it will not let me claim it at all.
  9. Earlier
  10. Raffle bots working again, inventory/auctions up next for testing
  11. Item expiration was suspended while bots were down, you should be able to withdraw raffles normally now
  12. Many buy bps small and big, such as wayde. Contact them, they're generally advertising it in their name.
  13. Same things been happening to me. I heard that expiration dates for items in your inventory (as in scrap.tf inventory) will be on pause, although I don't necessarily know if that applies to items that need to be withdrawn as well.
  14. I just won a raffle recently and wanted to withdraw it immediately but I am seeing this whenever I try to. 'The bot holding these items is currently not available to trade.' Even though steam API and trading are up? is anyone able to withdraw the raffles or is the withdrawal halted till further notice? I just want to withdraw it before the 2 weeks else it will be gone ;-;
  15. Just asking how's the scrap.tf bots situation right now
  16. Because Valve Nuked bots
  17. Expiration on all items was temporarily halted while the bots are unable to function.
  18. It's not about unlocking bots, it's about making sure it won't happen again, Valve made Major changes without prior warning and the consequences for not complying is being permanently trade banned, which not only locks trade bots but also inventory bots with user's items (Plus a large part of the code to be changed was made by someone who no longer works here and who left no documentation back in the day X.X)
  19. 何を探してるんです?

  20. go to scrap.tf oh yeah, i forgot
  21. i am just gonna post about my day, considering this place is drying then bikini bottom after spongebob pulled the "MAIN DRAIN" (Caps for "Effect") im gonna 4chan it because its funny:troll: >be me >wake up >cry >see if scrap.tf is functional yet >cry >load up tf2 >Q4Casual >viaduct >wowieshawie.png >bitchatronic.png >snipers trying to kill god himself, saying "GOOD SHOT MATE" and spamming a t.me link and slurs >fuck >cry because no viaduct >cry some more >re Q >1 minute passsed >no casual match >cancel Q >join skial >forgot im banned (i said funny gamer words) >re Q (again) for casual >cry >fuck it >download ow2 >absolutely fucking mid game >tf2 is unplayable >cry again >load up comp match >instalock widowmaker >widow goes 1 (Kills) / 2 (Assists) / 33 (Deaths) >game ends >widowmaker drops the nword >widowmaker tells me to kms (im going 21 / 4 / 3) >nahidwin.png >drop the most vile disgusting that would get me 94 life sentences insult too exist >close ow2 >go on the scrap.tf forums >now i'm here! >thegoodending.png >gnchat.png
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