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  2. Paying my won auctions

    Remember that this is not the right subforum for help. You will have to go to our help and support forums.
  3. Today
  4. It's a good game

    Good game
  5. Same with my gifter, he/she not answer me :T
  6. Well, my gifter just said a "hi" in day 1 or 2, then disappeared and never replied to my other messages. I think many people didn't read the Santa event rules. Maybe they thought it's some kind of megaraffle and decided to click the join button.
  7. Ocean man

  8. a ref doesnt seem like much of a gift, kinda why i hesitated on joining the event
  9. Auction Bugs Megathread

  10. Ocean man

    OK then
  11. not bug Weapon Quest not registering

    I decided to try again and traded the exact bot you linked and this time it worked, finally.
  12. Secret Santa bugs Megathread

    Whenever I am on the secret Santa page it gives me an error that says "You are not in secret Santa yet!" The page has been working up until I gave my gift to the bots. Afterwards I could not send any messages
  13. Ocean man

    Take me by the hand
  14. Wow

    woah hey guys
  15. Ability to auction killstreak weapons

    it's a good idea
  16. Yesterday
  17. What if every bullet you shoot makes the audio "pootis"

    that would be great
  18. Music sharing thread

  19. My recipient is also not responding. My Secret Santa has and has been a great guy, but the guy I'm gifting a gift has yet to respond. I've left a refined metal as his gift for now, if he responds i'll do something better. But if he won't make the effort to respond then I won't make the effort to make a really nice gift. Mostly because I have no idea what they'd want.
  20. What Should I Give My Secret Santa?

    Something you'd like to receive too! c:
  21. not bug Weapon Quest not registering

    I expected any weapon swap to work, not specifically selecting a weapon to swap, so the latter worked. Thanks. I cant attest to heavy oak's issue but i would be ok with closing this ticket, dunno how you want to handle his issue.
  22. F2P haters

    if he cant paly they you haxs
  23. What Should I Give My Secret Santa?

    i dont know
  24. F2P haters

    They view f2p users as new to the game and therefore skillless
  25. What if every bullet you shoot makes the audio "pootis"

    I'd turn off my volume
  26. What Should I Give My Secret Santa?

  27. F2P haters

    Why people hate f2p so much? I mean its just because them dont have a badass hat or skin!
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