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  1. Don't private puzzle raffles already exist? There's that secret link and password option.
  2. So it's more like a P.S. box rather than an Edit box?
  3. I have another suggestion but im not sure if its considered simple. What if you require an alternative way to the puzzle when jigidi is involved. Or why not just make jigidi a once a week thing if this is even possible XD (Jigidi Mondays) Else if the only options are to ban or not to ban. I'd say ban since jigidi is kind of dulling the puzzle section because as i said jigidi is fun every once in a while. Besides this, once flash is gone, the jigidi html5 version's interface is not that good (I believe there is no way to make the message pop up again if you close it unless thats just me on mobile)
  4. Right good point. What about adding a time limit? Jigidi puzzles should be solvable on first try by at most 1 hr total (by total I mean if there were chains it should all be solved within the 1 hr time limit) I might have less say in this since I've only just returned but I dont mind the ban. Although, the occasional jigidi of at most 200 pcs is relaxing since its straightforward.
  5. What about just making jigidi raffles a hassle to make like in the solution they need to list all jigidi links in order (if there are multiple), they need screencaps of each puzzle solved with time and with message eg. like the pics below (they could put it in an imgur album but it must be labeled for what jigidi puzzle), then after that also add a copy pastable text of the message be it pastebin links or just pasted there. the problem though would be that it would be hard to tell and suddenly require everyone to do this
  6. Since steam guard was made. All you need is an iphone/android/smart phone emulator on the pc
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/app/730/discussions/0/492378806376683397/ How to get steam guard on pc
  8. There already is a cooldown. Its 1 hour after 100 failed attempts
  9. Theres a search bar/filter when you go to card banking specifically https://scrap.tf/cards/36
  10. I remember this being suggested before and the problems were something to do with bot inventory and that bot to bot trading is difficult/impossible to implement Found it
  11. Well there was this suggestion that happened a few months ago with no indication whether or not it will be accepted
  12. How about turning auctions into Sealed first-price auctions this means everyone only has one chance (or maybe two in case something wrong happens in the first bid) to bid and if your bid is rejected by the auctioneer you cant bid again. Also no one knows each others bids. Only the auctioneer will know the highest bid
  13. Can't you just remove the timer and the ending soon thing so that no one will know when an auction ends except for the user who made it (e.g. the timer will only appear in the my auctions tab)? If people really want an item they have to bid high for it because they wont know if they'll have a second chance to bid again
  14. If you want some guidelines on where to limit the jigidi you can look at this. its in the rejected forums
  15. If this gets implemented just remember that these kinds of polls https://scrap.tf/polls/FY0VBQ are possible. Polls that have no choices
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