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  1. :woh: https://feen.us/2isj7a.png Video it's from. https://youtu.be/wsdalp-uiGs?t=11s
  2. :hamshank: https://feen.us/q5fwbm.png :bernep: https://feen.us/kwtgx2.png
  3. Problem is fixed now, the disabling of triggers was because of the semicolon at the end of all triggers, and the emote problem just fixed itself without me doing anything.
  4. Well, I've tried both now. Updating chrome didn't fix anything and using internet explorer fixes the :csdsmile: missing, but not the triggers.
  5. The missing emote happened around 12:00:00 (UTC+01:00), I first noticed it in the ScrapTF chat when it only displayed text. In any other place on ScrapTF is displays the emote :missing: instead of the :csdsmile: emote. The triggers not working in the ScrapTF chat happened around 12:20:00 (UTC+01:00) after I deleted all browser cookies to see if it would fix the :csdsmile: emote problem. After I found out it didn't work, I noticed all the chat settings were gone because I deleted all browser cookies, so I put the triggers, the trigger noise and set all the settings back, but it stopped triggering when a trigger word was said. The only possible solutions I could think of were deleting all browser cookies which caused more problems than what it solved, and restarting my computer which also didn't work. I seem to not be the only one who has this problem on ScrapTF, as I made a raffle asking if anyone knows a solution and two other people said that they also have the same problem.
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