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  1. Today I noticed that Valve put in place a mechainc in trade offers when you must type in a code in order to send and accept trade offers. Will this affect the trade bots in any way, or will we be able to trade regularly?
  2. So, about a week ago, we had the Smissmas 2014 update. This Update brought us: -Festive Weapons --Festive Shotgun --Festive Backburner --Festive Bonk! --Festive Bonesaw --Festive Revolver --Festive Chargin' Targe -New Weapons (Praise Gaben!) --Iron Bomber --Quickiebomb Launcher (That name....) --The Panic Attack -New Gamemode --Mannpower What are your thoughts/opinions on this update now that we have had it for a week? I think it was a pretty nice update, and it can almost be brought up to par with the Mecha-Engie update!
  3. Is this just a glorified halloween update? Halloween 2014: --All-Class Melee (Necro-smasher) --Cosmetics (of course.....) --Those damned ducks End of the Line community update: --All-Class Melee (The Crossing Guard) --More cosmetics --Those. Damned. Ducks Overall, EoTL......we expected more...
  4. I know it is only minor things, like the snow and the santa hat over the avatar, but I lovvveee the festive spirit right now on scrap.tf!! Keep being awesome guys!
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