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  1. My only problem with the auctions is that next to the raffle system's set limits, the limit as to how many auctions a user can make is only caused by the allowed capacity of the site inventory (Which might I add, confused the hell outta me when I first attempted to utilize it). Therefore, a user can spam multiple auctions for items that may or may not be preferable, that really clog up the entire page and make it tough to sift through for the ones that I would consider worth entering. Only other slight grudge is with the one day period in which to give your bid, before a ban. I accidentally bid on an auction while curious about them when they were first reintroduced, and had my trade holds not finally been removed that very same day, I would have had a ban over a single scrap that I wasn't allowed to submit. PS: Sorry for the text wall, hope this helps <3
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