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  1. Thnx m8, a lot harder to find on phone.
  2. I knew about the search option in banking but not for auctions.
  3. Another idea that I had was the ability to search for the item you want in raffles and auctions.
  4. I think there should be new ways to sort raffles and auctions. For auctions I think there should be a sort by highest/lowest bid option. For raffles there should be a sort by most items option. For both raffles and auctions there should be sort by most/least views. I think these ways of sorting would make navigation through the website much easier and help people get more attention. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
  5. I think there should be an iOS/Android app for ScrapTF, I had a bid in an auction which I really wanted to win. I came back later that day to find the auction had ended and I got outbid. I think there should be an app so you can get a notification from your lock screen. This could be very useful and I believe this should happen.
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