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  1. U Sure?
  2. i was trying to code this function it was hard i think its can work but it kinda hard
  3. hmm they kinda reject my offer at my post hope its just becuz its was double instend of not good idea
  4. so long ans no answer :(((
  5. wow so long and no answer :(((
  6. maybe screen shot from him will help mr or miss jesse
  7. im know the guy thats accept the staff is online like once in a monthe in the forum page but i cant wait to know if its will accept
  8. im also dont know i know how 2 edit but not to delete :DDD
  9. and also u maybe know what is the last second 2 bid?
  10. wow nice code there ill not in your level at codeing but i can see thats took time must be accepted !
  11. ok u can find its here clear
  12. lets just hope its will move 2 the next step /
  13. yay so i heve 1 like into this
  14. true! u need 2 see its in ruls just read tham agian
  15. and also 2 be able 2 buy bades 2 games u dont heve