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  1. Here we go again. This time, a little different. Same as usual, auction coming to an end, some bids are placed, except this time auction creator has removed all bids about 50 seconds before the ending. So, 25 seconds on the clock, I place my bid... only to see "This auction is about to be closed; no more bids may be placed." What the fuck is that supposed to mean? How come one of the aforementioned auctions just ended at 20 sec. mark, while this one basically ended, but the timer kept going? What could proc this slight, but evident difference? Is it because other bid
  2. No, I have not, because it's not really an issue with a particular auction, but more like a flaw in the "engine". Besides, a report like "This auction has ended before reaching 0" is unlikely to get a response, whereas a forum post may at least get me more opinions on that matter, and probably bear a higher chance of staff noticing it and giving a response.
  3. As mentioned in the title, I want to talk about auction timers. They appear to be very, very inconsistent, even random. Here are some of my observations on the topic: 1. Some random auction that I'm really interested in. Last few minutes, bids are getting a bit crazy, so I decide to wait until the last seconds to place my bid. 5 seconds left on the countdown, I bid my items... "4, 3, 2, 1, 0, Ending Soon... LOL nope here's someone else's bid, get mugged". So, I got outbid literally after the timer had reached 0. Needless to say how mad I was. 2. Another random auct
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