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  1. Gather any small item left in your backpack and sell it on Marketplace. Use the money made from those items to create buy orders for items you could flip easily at a profit.
  2. Yes, most definitely. You need to check often, since the best deals tend to disappear quickly.
  3. New ScrapTF Hat Prices: 1.22/1.44 That's worse than before!
  4. They buy games when Gaben puts discounts on them and resell them at a profit.
  5. Thank you for the reply. It confirmed my thoughts about the hat banking price increase.
  6. Today, I've noticed the prices for ScrapTF Hat Banking went from 1.22/1.33 to 1.33/1.44. What is the reason behind the price increase? I would like to know. Thank you, - Cyphix, a ScrapTF Fan
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