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  1. I understand. Guess I just have a bit of bad luck there hahaha. It was just after seeing that he likely deleted my message, when I got pretty upset about it. I guess he's been on a couple of times but doesn't say anything in the event (Which I have no proof of of course other than my message disappearing). Oh well, thanks for the reply!
  2. This is the 3rd year I've participated in the Secret Santa event, and it's the 3rd where my Secret Santa barely communicates with me. Previous years, they wouldn't really say anything and I always had to start talking, only for them to either ignore it or give a general answer often unrelated to the Secret Santa stuff. This year, it's been almost an entire week and my Secret Santa hasn't said a single word. Yesterday, I sent a simple "Hello". I waited a couple of days before sending it since I don't expect everyone to be on the site every day. I came back today only to realise that my message
  3. A few civillian grade skins. It's not really "good" in my opinion but I expected worse since he didn't really say anything
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