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  1. I have no idea, but forcing the signing up of a forum or joining an unknown chatroom, is not the answer
  2. I was forced to sign up to a forums basically
  3. alright, but I just thnk there needs to be more ways to chat than a forums and chatroom, I tried joining everything, including the chatroom you linked
  4. I'm sorry, but forums are not good enough, ive tried every other way of contact, only to find this is the best
  5. The amount of work ive had to go into for help, is ridiculous, ive tried the steam group and discord first, only to find out I had to wait 7 days to even speak on the discord, the steam group has no forums approval. Not only that but the website has a live support section, its never up. Maybe not make it so hard to get the slightest things done?
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