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  1. Bumping this post some more. It includes the same two raffles made by Duck as shown in the picture posted by Adamqwe.
  2. Time for a bump. It seems people agree, and so do I.
  3. 2016? I think it's time we bump this post. (Yes I see the rejected part)
  4. Unconfirmed raffles are a great way for us to double check for mistakes such as spelling errors, forgotten links, specifying the subject, etc. This is why we have an edit button, for a last chance. Things you can edit: Title, Description/Raffle Message, Entered Message, Type/Win Method, Raffle Length, Maximum Entries. Things you can't edit: Solution (puzzle raffles only, obviously), Link Poll, Disabled Comments The focus of this suggestion is to allow the solution in a puzzle raffle to be edited after creating an unconfirmed raffle. If you made a mistake in writing the solution you either have to cancel the raffle and re-create an adjusted raffle or create the raffle with a mistake in it. This ultimately helps both staff checking reported raffles and the raffle creators.
  5. :classic: Thank you Tuja for making this.
  6. https://scrap.tf/raffles/F2RIND , https://scrap.tf/raffles/PTJ11V , https://scrap.tf/raffles/E3Y8WI . Yes, bringing back this topic would be nice. Due to raffles such as these. It's starting to become irritating to look away for ONE minute to find a puzzle that has already ended when you come back.
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