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    pending Badge Builder not working

    I have the same issue but usually just deal with it until it works. The problem seems to be that the bot sends multiple offers, and it tends to bug out. This has only ever happened to me with card banking and no other kind of banking. The offer will expire and you will have no offers on steam, yet the accept trade offer button will still show up on the website, but of course the offer does not exist so it can take up to a few hours before the site realizes there is no trade, basically locking you from the site by saying you are in a que. However it seems there is now a problem where the entirety of card banking is having problems, cant manually buy, badge builder not working, cant sell, and auto leveler and auto sell not working either.
  2. 󠀡123󠀡

    pending Badge Builder not working

    The badge builder is only loading a couple badges, which occasionally change on a refresh of the page. This is not something new, this happens every few weeks/months. Its gets resolved then again over time less and less badges load until none at all, then it gets fixed and the cycle repeats its been happening for well over a year. Theres periods where the badge builder is awesome and works fine and then weeks where it shows little to nothing. Why is this caused and how can it be resolved? Ive never been irked enough by it until now to make support ticket