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  1. The upgrade is being used in auctions as a way to increase your ref value by around roughly 10 ref, its priced around 32 to 43 ref but you would be lucky to find any reaching 24 ref with a average of sellers being 21 ref due to this any auction that allows items gets much less than what the bid says and sellers cant compete since the other bidder will always be bidding much lower than the price stated. Some examples that have happened is people looking to sell theyr keys for items ending up just getting 2 Upgrades which if you try to sell will at most get you 43 ref which is lower than 1 key by almost 10 ref, this effect may not be that large in the unusual side of trading untill you realize that if 2 of these are worth 1 key in the eyes of scrap.tf one can just buy about 20 (2 upgrades meaning 1 key so 10 keys) of these which would cost the person 420 ref roughly as oppose to the 510 ref price of 10 keys and the gap would keep widening so the seller if not paying attention to his auction 24/7 could end up getting LESS than his minimum bid. I just want the item blacklisted or price to be fixed since it seems like scrap.tf is following backpack.tf prices than another fix is going to backpack.tf and making a new price suggestion and getting it approved ASAP. I have not been a victim of this thankfully but ive seen people get screwed over. Thanks for your time in listening to me and have a nice day. Edit. Prices of the upgrade have gone down to 19.33 ref and still no change to pricing
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