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  1. Currently, when hovering over a Chemistry Set or Fabricator, you don't see the inputs needed to complete the Set/Fabricator. This can be annoying as Chemistry Sets sometimes contain inputs which cost many times the selling price of the final output, but when bidding on it in an auction you can't see what those inputs are and whether or not it'd be worth it to actually buy the Chemistry Set. I know you can search up the user on Steam and view their inventory to see the inputs, but it would be nice to not have to do that and have the required inputs be displayed on the site. In a similar vein, sometimes people have partially completed fabricators which they don't wish to fully complete and would rather sell. If the remaining inputs needed are displayed, it would make it easier for people to sell partially completed kits as it can be seen which inputs are needed to finish completing the Fabricator. Again, you can search up the seller's inventory on Steam, but it'd be annoying and the possibility of multiple fabricators with differing levels of completeness could result in confusion over which fabricator is really being sold.
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