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  1. Personally i think it should be 4.44 ref, The Plaid Potshotter Mk.II Claidheamh mór has a field tested and factory new one both in free lance grade, and the field tested one is 3.55 ref while the factory new one is a ref above it, 4.55 ref. There's already a Autumn Mk.II Claidheamh mór thats also free lance grade and field tested so why not just give the factory new one the same treatment as the Plaid Potshotter Mk.II Claidheamh mór? I'm not really involved in the tf2 economics, I just want to sell my Autumn Mk.II Claidheamh mór thats factory new and free lance grade. BTW i read the guidelines and I'm not sure if this falls under new types of banking, so sorry if this does. But discuss the pricing for this, if it isn't against the guidelines.
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