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  1. Sadly, I can't sell this, because everybody hates paints, now i have 6.97 ref in items without use. EDIT: Even the item without any modifications,it's worth 2 ref, it keeps giving me 1.33 ref.
  2. Me again, well, today i sold 4 cosmetics I buyed here, he overpayed me in items with a Pocket Heavy painted in australium gold, it's worth 6.97 ref, i wanted to sell it here, but it says it will pay me 1.33 ref. and not 6.97 ref. so, yeah.
  3. Hi again, I did a test. I buyed 4 cosmetics, 1.44 ref. each one, then I tried to buy different items of same price, Scrap.tf puts my items in 1.33 ref. while their items price was the same one, 1.44 making my items cheaper by 1 scrap, and i couldn't buy other items, so yeah, I think that Scrap.tf takes our items in same price but -1 scrap. Well, in my opinion, it's bad for me, because i'm not that good in selling and trading. EDIT: I can't sell the items in Scrap.tf prices neither because people would start complaining about the prices and they won't buy anything.
  4. Well, i have like 1 month in scrap.tf and i saw the items price-list, I checked the "Price we buy it" and "Price we sell it" parts, I was shocked, well, they sell the items in DOUBLE price, I mean like, I saw an item that they buyed for 10 refined, and they were selling it at 14.33 ref. WHAT!? In conclusion: scrap.tf prices are too high for people that can't get metal that easy. If you agree, tell me down bellow.
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