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  1. Banned for quoting multiple people in one post.
  2. Banned for falsely accusing me of dropping an Übercharge. Also banned for misspelling "Über". Those accent marks matter. Welp. I'm banned for not being up-to-date.
  3. Banned for using the same ban reason as yourself.
  4. Banned for reminding everyone your birthday is next Monday. Desperate for gifts, huh?
  5. Banned for: •Using Caps Lock. •Awful grammar. Good God, is that awful.
  6. You're banned for banning the same person twice.
  7. You're banned for judging someone's lifestyle. You're banned for replying to yourself.
  8. I hate it when stranges I want to sell are overstocked.

  9. Am I like the only one here who shifted from TF2 to CS:GO?
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