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  1. You can add an option to search for servers where there are no random crits , why all the hate ?
  2. I got 1 item from 136 raffles ! Uncraftable Rescue Ranger !

  3. A squad surplus ticket is cheaper in refined than a ToD ticket
  4. You can have a 1:10 weapons trade . It isn't a scam . Scam is when someone says give me your item and i will message you a 5 euros paysafe code or something else . Which a bot can't do . So propably a kid reported the bot and is laughing hysterically right now .
  5. I learned this the hard way in CS:GO . The falchion skisn got out and i bought a blue one (thats the penultimate skin level) for 2.50euros and another one for 1.30euros . 1 week -or less- later and they cost 0.90 and 0.20 . Patience is something usefull everywhere , i guess
  6. I'm kinda new and i bought an australium paint so now im premium . Recently I got a description tag drop and found a buyer for 2.33 ref ( I think I learned the crafting by now . correct me if I'm wrong .2 weapons ->1 scrap -> 2 scrap - >1 reclaimed -> 3 reclaimed ->1 refined) What should i do with these ?
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