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  1. Yep, working fine now. Just bought 2.
  2. So because I was mildly intoxicated a suggestion to filter items to make it easier to find what you're looking for is less valid. Makes perfect sense.
  3. It's thanksgiving and I'm kind of drunk, sorry.
  4. Just think it's be useful to check the auctions for a specific type of item, like Unusual, Vintage, Strange, etc. Just to narrow down the number of items.
  5. I would add being able to sort by starting price, in case people want to look for things in a lower or higher price range. Like under a key, over a key, over 5 keys, over 10 keys. I feel like that'd be good who are looking for something in a certain price range.
  6. I really agree with this. The format problem is actually the reason I stopped trying to solve puzzle raffles.
  7. The title really says it all, when you want to go to the incinerator right now you have to click the link for it, but then you have to click on the bot itself. As there's only one incinerator bot and anyone who goes there is likely going to check if the bot has anything to offer regardless of if it says it has items or not, I feel that it would make sense to make the incinerator link go straight to the bot's inventory instead of to the page to choose bot that it currently takes you to.
  8. And just as a sidenote, the same problem appears in the Hat banking, except there Vintages still show up. Any special quality hat is incredibly rare, even rarer than nice stuff in the weapon bots, but it's possible.
  9. Yep, I used to pull about a key worth of Vintages, Reskins, and Festives outta the weapon bots a week. They don't show up much anymore, but you can still find Conscientious Objectors pretty commonly, as well as Bat Outta Hells. If you're lucky, you can find a Genuine or a reskin worth a couple ref. And if you're REALLY lucky, you can find something with killstreaks.
  10. Actually, you can't bank Vintage weapons there anymore. I used to pull 5 or 6 a day out of there, and now I no longer find any there, as well as when I check the sell they no longer show up under the "Sell Weapons" tab. Except for the Haunted Bat Outta Hell, all of the other weapons you mentioned have the "Unique" quality, which qualifies them for weapon banking. That being said, you can also sell Genuines there (including the Robo-Sandvich, I can confirm from about 5 minutes before posting), as well as weapons with killstreaks applied. You used to be able to find strange weapons too, but they patched that long before even they fixed the thing with Vintages.
  11. Agreed. I understand that it was intended to catch bots, but how? Anyone trying to enter multiple raffles quickly is a bot? I open tabs and skim through the text before entering, then enter. Thing is, most of them don't take that long to skim, much less than 10 seconds. It's annoying as hell, and if I want to enter raffles in the 20 minutes I have before work, now it's no longer limited to how many I can open, but also the 10 second cooldown. And that's a lot on my short schedule. And much the same goes for after work, because then I have class, and after that I have a couple hours before bed and everything repeats. I'd much rather spend that time playing games, watching something, or just reading comics. And what if a quick, 10-person raffle comes up but you just entered a different raffle? You're screwed, that's what. TL;DR, I don't have a lot of time in my day and I'd rather do a lot of other things than enter raffles, and this isn't gunna catch bots, it's gunna make people come up with bots that enter raffles at intervals.
  12. Recently, I reported a puzzle raffle with a guessing game as the only hint. I know that puzzle raffles like this are against the rules, as I have successfully reported and seen them successfully reported many times in the past. However, upon checking the rules there is nothing saying you can't, only a rule against making an unsolvable puzzle raffle. Now, puzzle raffles like this aren't against the rules because with enough patience and time they should be solvable, but they are still unfair and go against the idea of how puzzle raffles are supposed to work. Therefore, i'm suggesting a subrule to Raffle Rule #5, making it clear that puzzle raffles can't simply be a guessing game, even though they are technically solvable.
  13. I can't keep scrap.tf open anymore, the snow lags my entire computer. Could it be made optional?
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