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Is there a Science into finding out how much Scrap.tf will sell/buy an item for?

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Yes I know its technically mathematics and not science, but I would like to know if there is any particular way to find out a price of a certain item. I can google something like "sell *random item* scrap.tf" and it is semi-reliable. I get to see the prices of it sometimes, but when selling items like Stranges, there seems to be this odd problem where it doesn't link me the Strange version of an item, but just the unique version of it. Sometimes it may not even link me to Scrap.tf and straight to Backpack.tf. I tried calculating the prices of the potential buy and sell proportion with the 1.44/1.66 stated on its hats section, but the Math isn't correct when I compare it. I know I buying the item I want to know the price of and manually checking is an option, but I don't want to buy something and risk making a loss just to check it's price.


So if anyone has a math equation I could use on any item to check its price or having a more reliable way to search for an item's price on Google without it linking me to the Unique version or Backpack.tf, that would be much appreciated. Cheers boys.

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Not sure if there's some math behind it, or it gets updated based on backpack.tf price at some time, but you can take a look at https://scrap.tf/sitemap_1.txt or https://scrap.tf/sitemap_2.txt. There you can find a list of links to individual item prices sorted alphabetically, so prices of strange items are on sitemap_2. For example, if you want to know price of strange texas ten gallon you can see it at https://scrap.tf/item/strange-texas-ten-gallon
I can't guarantee that all of the strange items are in the list, but I guess it's better than nothing

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