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Risk of Rain 2 has a problem with public lobbies. (and how you can improve multiplayer with mods)

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posting it here because people in ror 2 discussions are "smart"

690 hour player here who played a lot of pubs.

i swear, during this state of game multiplayer is in really bad shape.

hosting public lobby and having successful run without anyone leaving is literally impossible.

now, here are all issues i've encountered over my "lots of playtime i totally don't try to flex"



cheaters (luckily, they're so rare that i met them like only 3 times)


item hoarders (one of mods i'll add here will fix this issue, but these guys still can be annoying as fuck)


rushers (just like with hoarders, i'll add mod that fixes this issue here. rushers are mostly woolie wannabes who think that spending more than 5 minutes on stage would make game x69000 times harder for team)


ragequitters (these guys are like cockroaches, and there's 90% chance that these vermin beings will have private profile, trust me, i already got used to inspecting profiles after runs, or even during mid-game.)


newt rushers (personally, i'm one of these people, but i mostly do that because i have biggerbazaar installed, which means that there's small chance i can get 10 heroin syringes per bazaar visit :3)


noobs (i would be okay with them if they didn't joined "100 hours and more, please" lobbies i make)


meta users (i still manage to do job better with my nailgun-ruin build than you do with your cringe double rebar setup!!!)



now, time to talk about how to fix this:

https://thunderstore.io/package/FunkFrog-and-Sipondo/ShareSuite/ - makes items share between players, customizable. a must-have for pubs but keep in mind that 1000+ hour vermin beings might get salty at one mod, learned about that from inspecting random ragequitter profile.


https://thunderstore.io/package/lustner/KickPlayer/ - turns "kick_steam <steam ID>" into "kick <username>". such a small mod that fixes most issues with annoying players.


https://thunderstore.io/package/IHarbHD/DebugToolkit/ - now, this is what i call a real "must-have". adds console commands that can be used BOTH for testing mods and messing with other players, including:

editing inventories (removing/adding items)

changing character mid-run (for example, turn annoying edgy mercenary player into harmless beetle, or play as healing drone if you think that healing is more fun than hurting people)

killing players regardless of how much HP they have (true_kill <username>)

spawning enemies (fight mithrix on void fields? nice idea!)


https://thunderstore.io/package/Maci/ReadyConfig/ - fixes issues with players that go AFK by forcing them to vote. just like SS, customizable.


https://thunderstore.io/package/Mordrog/TPVoting/ - changes way how teleporter works, stopping rushers until at least 50% of players activate tele or type "r". also, my favorite one :3


that's pretty much everything about mods for fixing public lobbies. hope you enjoyed reading allat!!! >w<

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