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  1. Yes, I would like this to be a thing. Also I like Pegapnea's idea too. I've seen far too many people beg for hints on big raffles and it can be quite annoying for the puzzle creator.
  2. That's happening to me too and it's a bit annoying. :3
  3. Whatever you think man. If you think this is a fake site then don't use it, simple as that. lol
  4. When I comment on a raffle it says you are not allowed to comment here even tho people have commented which means the comment isn't disabled.
  5. Puzzle raffles with trivia questions. :3 I also put song and art in them~
  6. Well when creating it does say "public" puzzle raffle so i'm just wondering. Thanks for answering. :3
  7. I was looking at my profile and noticed that puzzle raffle doesn't count as public raffle created? Is there a reason for it? Am I missing something? Cuz I starting to do more puzzle raffles so I'm curious. :3
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