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  1. Ok guys this is to good to keep to myself... Someone sold a festive specialized killstreak team shine minigun... TO A SCRAP BANK BOT So now I have gotten a 1.5 key weapon for uh .05 scrap... I am floored! (also if that was you what were you thinking?)
  2. So far I have got: 1 strange Neon annihilator 1 strange Pretty Boys Pocket Pistol 1 festive frontier justice 1 festive bonesaw 1 festive crusaders crossbow For .05 scrap each. Makes you wonder who is selling these...
  3. We have all been there at one time or another... Browsing through the bots and their endless inventories of discarded weapons craft hats and common items. The something shiny catches your eye and you sit on the edge of your chair as you click the quick by button as fast as humanly possible hoping no one will beat you to it. Then you wait through the que hoping steam doesn't crash or a meteor falls through your living room.... And then finally the trade goes through and you yell and scream and generally make a fool of yourself in celebration. I want you to share those moments on this thread so
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