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  1. Moose got bored. https://backpack.tf/suggestion/584e5c2ec440453fe931c4ea https://backpack.tf/suggestion/52c992d24dd7b8026a8b4568 https://backpack.tf/suggestion/542ca3c0b88d88775f8b4c49 https://backpack.tf/suggestion/57ed9cb2866747501923c263 https://backpack.tf/suggestion/57bafbf186674753ff187ead https://backpack.tf/suggestion/5799fa81c440452e2244028f https://backpack.tf/suggestion/578d33c48667471c7b795325 https://backpack.tf/suggestion/56ef2430ba8d883e5f18634b https://backpack.tf/suggestion/56e8bdc9ba8d88f31c186351 https://backpack.tf
  2. I was going to post this bug too. Thanks for doing so. This isn't that big of an issue however. ^-^
  3. Banned because you called someone a "litle scroub."
  4. Normally they are quickselling it, or just want to get rid of it.
  5. I personally don't think it is op. I get happy when I see a pyro with a phlog because they can't airblast. Just need to keep your distance... dur.
  6. People who join a server with 300+ ping. They are sometimes impossible to hit because they keep jumping from position to position
  7. You might have untradeable weapons which do not show up. Also, if they did show up and not been able to put them in, it might be because steam is down and it hasn't updated your inventory yet.
  8. Member since June 22, 2013 and has done 702 trades. Never really used the site a great deal when I started until about a year ago.
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