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  1. Now that that's over, when is our badge coming as well as the big raffle?
  2. New to this forum thingy, not sure if this is a bug, but you can rack up on visitors if you just keep refreshing and visiting your page which makes you popular I guess?
  3. It appears if you go enter raffles instead of creating one, and comment on a few or almost create a raffle I.E responding to offer but not confirming (worked for me xd) , you will gain EP. You will also Gain EP for the sweet weapon trade thing if you do the same method from before, responding to offer without confirming, you get EP. Also, Gaining EP from other accounts still applies to Fight the so called "Evil Entity" this can be very abusive as people can make many accounts and earn EP from there killing the Entity in a matter of minutes/hours. Suggestions on fixing (I dont know a thing about coding so this may not work). Only count creating public raffles (not the 500 one) as if the raffle has at least two to ten entries in it (if you're creating a public raffle). And as for the not responding to the trade offer thing, make sure bots get the scrap or item in return, check their trade offers (if possbile). And for the account Abuse, try to input the same thing that is applied when entering raffles with the same IP except like a notification stating Cannot gain EP from same IP (address). Glad to Support the Community And fellow Staff. I'm working to become a pediatrician, not a Coder!
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